Monday, January 14, 2008

I got gas last nite....

Shaddup, Lea.

I got GASOLINE - not digestive upset from the nice Mexican fiesta meal I had. *burp*
(excuse me)

I haven't bought gasoline at Shell for quite a while, despite them being directly across the street from the entrance to our subdivision, because they are pricey and always crowded. But I was in a hurry yesterday because I had a sore throat and it was flurrying and I wasn't about to go gasoline shopping when I felt like death warmed over from the shoulders to the chin.

It will be a LONG time before I go back to Shell.

Technology is not always a good thing. The Shell station has this new "feature" - TV while you Fill-Up. Apparently the network with the Peacock has done a deal with Shell to provide "entertainment" while you pump gas. Oh joy. (*puke*)

I do not watch television. I own two television sets, one may not work anymore, I'm not sure, as it has been years since it has been turned "on". (SHUT UP, LEA!!! *giggle*) The other one I use only to watch DVD movies. I do occasionally - VERY occasionally - watch a sports event, and every Xmas I watch the Nutcracker on PBS (shaddup, Visionary...) I do this quite deliberately as I feel that Television is... horrible. Boring. Stupid. Trite.

Television at the gasoline pump is mind-numbingly ghastly.

I also note that one of the billboards on the way to work has become a hugeongeous television set as well. Sickening. It's like living in an old "Future Shock" novel. STOP THE MADNESS. We don't need no more stinking television!!!!!!

371 days


Leandra said...

I stopped going to a service station near where I live for the same reason. I think multiple complaints at my credit union had them drop the one they had there as well. I do not need commercials while I am pumping gas, pushing a shopping cart (they have them in some of the supermarkets here), or waiting in line to do my banking.

I personally have a policy of boycotting every single product which advertises this way or which has offensive commercials (Headon anyone?).

BBC said...

I buy all my gas at the Safeway store because I get a discount. Being a small town we don't have any TV crap here, yet.

I just watched The War Of The Roses. I've never been that small, but I've known plenty of people that have.

As far as I'm concerned any woman that wants the house can have it because that isn't why I was there in the first place.

Leandra said...

Actually I buy my gas at Costco for exactly the same reason bbc buys his at Safeway. I get a small discount. If I time my purchases to the times I need to go there anyway, I don't even waste gas getting there.

This whole advertising thing has, in my not very humble opinion, gotten completely out of hand. Sports arenas should not be advertisements for businesses. I don't need ads on my shopping cart or blaring at me out of teensy speakers above the bananas. We don't need ads on the sides of buses. Frankly, I don't need them anywhere and am getting sick and tired of the hubbub.

Then again, perhaps they don't need to do away with commercials on TV. When else would you have time to take a potty break or get a snack during a movie (unless you're playing the DVD)?

visionary said...

I buy my gas in NH cause it's still under $3 a gallon.

*laughs at Sew for wanting to watch the Nutbuster on the GIMME-Mo_Money network*
btw.. my local sport franchises are better than yours.

Anonymous said...

TV's are two-way spy devices. While you are watching TV, TV is watching you. Think about it. How do the networks know if one of their shows is doing well or doing poorly? How do they know what people are watching unless the TV is watching you and reporting back?


Television has Doctor Who, The Simpsons and (real) football - ie soccer.

Doctor Who lasts 50 minutes, The Simpsons about ten minutes and (real) football ie soccer 90 minutes plus the pundits waffling for half an hour.

Is it possible to take that long to fill up?

I would.

Croila said...

You're kidding. No way. They've actually got TELLIES at petrol stations? WTF for???? Like someone's attention span can't hold for the oh, one or two minutes it takes to fill your car up? Good grief. I've heard it all now.

Mind you. One thing they've started doing in Edinburgh with tellies is pretty bad. Taxis. They have a telly screen in the back of a taxi that plays mostly adverts. They're diabolical. Before I got a car I relied on taxis quite a bit (small kid, y'know) and it used to enrage me, getting into a taxi, looking forward to a bit of peace, quiet and relaxation whilst getting from A to B, then these damn tellies ruined it. Not all taxis have them, but the bad thing is, even though the driver can kill the volume if you ask nicely, they don't turn the screen off. So the screen draws your eye like a fricking magnet, it's awful, and you're a captive audience. Once when a taxi driver told me he couldn't switch the screen off, even though I was only two minutes into the journey I told him to stop, let me out. Ugh. I sympathise with you over the tellies in petrol stations thing!