Thursday, December 20, 2007

Schlaf im Himmlischen Ruh

As a kid, we had to learn to sing that auf Deutsch (Schtille Nacht, Heilige Nacht). Such were the punishments of attending Lutheran grade school. We also TRIED to learn to sing Adeste Fideles - but since we weren't Roman Catholic we didn't do so well with the Latin.

We have carols playing here all day long. It's not as annoying as the stores, because they have ALL the songs, not just the 2 that annoy me. D, one of my co-workers has house-lighting fever. I fervently believe his family is single-handedly responsible for all global warming due to their conspicuous electrical consumption. ComEd must LOVE them.

In some ways, I miss the whole childhood Christmas Eve school pageant/service thingy. Practicing walking on the wooden risers on the stage in the Gym without STOMPING LOUDLY. Remembering the Auf Deutsch words and learning to walk up the risers in a choir robe without tripping and falling on your face and dropping the little electric candle you were holding as you marched in.

Enviously wanting to yank every one of the long blonde banana curls out of Rhonda's hair. (Mom thought I looked cute in a short page-boy style. Ugh.) Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with no breathing room in front of the kindergartener's chairs they brought in for us to sit on - and thinking you would faint from the lack of oxygen before the 8th graders ever finished the "Magnificat", and wishing we could just fast-forward and skip over to "Joy to the World" and get out of there and do the presents-opening thing...

Wondering why we had to bring TWO cars to church when we lived only 1/2 mile away, and Dad always left the service/program about 20 minutes before we did... (Hello, Santa!!)

On the other hand - putting up lights and a tree for just a few weeks is so much work for so little "perk" - I'd rather spend the time working on the house.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year. All this 4th Quarter vacationing is sooooo unusual for me. Not that I'm complaining. Much.

396 days


BBC said...

"As a kid, we had to learn to sing that auf Deutsch (Schtille Nacht, Heilige Nacht)"

I don't have a frigging clue what you are talking about. And I'm thinking that I should be thankful for that.

I don't miss crap about my childhood or the Christmases back then, it was all a bunch of bullshit and you know it.

Two cars to church? Fuck, I know people that claim they are ecologists that still do that. What in the fuck is with that?

Visionary, fuck you in advance. *giggles*

visionary said...

That's the german translation of Silent Night, Holy Night, you tool.

What kind of guy actually giggles when telling another guy fuck you? hrmm.. that must speak volumes why you hated your childhood. Dear old dad just may have been playing shoop da whoop with little Billy's buttocks when the lights were turned down low. ..


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA LOL My Gramma used to call girls "Giggling Gerties" but she didn't have a name for giggling boys.


Fuck me! Thought I'd gone dyli...dyzl..thingy when I read the header...

see old beeb n vis are still at it. Good fun is that.

Happy Chrimbo babe. Get pissed, enjoy! x

BBC said...

Visionary, I guess I'm the kind of guy that would giggle when saying 'fuck you' just as Sew is the kind of gal that would.

Don't look at me, she taught me that. *smiles sweetly*

We are only here for her amusement anyway. Any visionary with more than three brain cells bouncing around in another wise empty head head would know that.

The problem is that one of your cells stick to a cranium wall at times while the other two beat the fuck out of each other.

*another sweet smile* *giggles*

visionary said...

The real issue is that you fail to realize, Billy, that you are too irrelevant to Sew to provide any sort of entertainment.

I am well aware of Mouse's brand of sarcasm when dealing with simps online... the problem is that you don't carry it off nearly as well. Instead you come off as some old fag who is trying entirely too hard to sound witty when you aren't. I can see having some dignity is not one of your stronger suites.