Thursday, December 27, 2007

End of the year...

Been away a bit again, sorry about that.

Lots of hassles around the hacienda - made for a rather tense Christmas weekend. Almost all sorted now, however. Few more days ought to bring things back to "normal" - as normal as it gets around here.

Got a few presents, sent a few presents. Have a couple more to send. In all, despite the hassles, not a bad thing.

I want to say something here... I'll probably regret this, but maybe it's time to comment on the comments and stuff.

Many years ago, I met a guy online who rather surprisingly became a dear friend very quickly. We have an extraordinary friendship, one that has withstood a lot of challenges and issues. We've "been there" for each other through some awfully rough shit in both of our lives. This isn't a "romantic" thing - (not that he isn't attractive that way, but we both have other "commitments") - but rather a soul-bonding friendship that transcends mere physical desire. We have both felt that we can tell one another "anything", without being judged or condemned. He's one of the few people who can bluntly tell me to get my head out - and have me listen, rather than telling him to piss off..

He's pretty protective of me - although he knows I'm capable of being Bitch of the Week on my own and has called me on it more than once. He knows what will make me laugh, and he knows me at my best as well as my worst. He's gone by a LARGE number of nicknames over the years, in many venues - but lately he seems to have settled in my blog as "Visionary."

A relatively short while ago, I also met online a guy whom I enjoyed sparring and teasing around with. Again, not in a romantic or physical sense, but someone I enjoyed talking with. While I didn't agree with everything he says, nor he with me, we had good times talking and discussing. He had started to learn about me, but didn't know everything - especially the bit about how I really am able to completely write off what I consider to be a toxic situation. You folks know him as BBC.

A few months ago, BBC made a comment about me that was based on partial truth - but more on his own assumptions based on those truths. I'm not going to go into it here - but it was enough for me to say to him "Goodbye" and stop reading/commenting on his blog or responding here.

In the midst of all the hassles and turmoil this week, one thing I got was an e-mail from BBC, with what I firmly believe was a very sincere apology. I respect that.

Bill - I accept your apology - thank you for it. I am trusting that you, unlike others, are smart enough to know that "sorry" doesn't count if you plan to do the same thing again, and I'm certain you won't.

All the rest of you? I suspect that BBC and Visionary may well continue to spar and spit in comments. I'm ok with that. I'm certain my "readers" know the difference between MY opinion and that of those who comment. With only a VERY few exceptions, I've always let comments stand.

Merry Christmas, All.
Happy New Year.
Bright Blessings to each and every one of you.


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Anonymous said...

I believe in second chances. I hope you're right about BBC as I know you were friends before.

This is the time of year people often want to make amends and settle differences. Nobody likes to go into the new year with leftover grudges. I and another blogger sorted out a rift between us this week. Seems it was a big misunderstanding on both sides.

Here's to a Happy New Year. Cheers!

Visionary said...

Nah, grudges are fun and helps keep one awake at night. Besides... rumor has it that this Visionary guy is a complete asshole.

BBC said...

Sew, if you and Visionary have a good thing going together with each other I want to be the first to congratulate the both of you.

I don't know him that well and I really don't want to spar with him, but ya gotta admit, some of it was sort of fun. :-)

And I don't think that you look at love the way I do, when I said that I loved you it just meant that I loved you, that is all.

And I wouldn't at all mind loving Visionary if I knew him, and I wish the best of luck to both of you.

And if I don't get my quilt, you know what? It's okay, I'll still love you.

And I wish the best for the both of you next year. Hugs to the both of you. BBC

BBC said...

Oh, I almost forgot.

Visionary, fuck you!!



Rauf said...

First i thought let me keep silent.

Its nearly ten years since i had internet now. That opened a different world for me and i was communicating with people whom i never knew nor i have hopes of meeting them. Very few moved away, but the rest still continue to communicate with me. Some became very close to me and the exchange of ideas has made me very rich in mind. i have stopped chatting as i get shoulder pain and i am slow in typing, still using two fingers and refusing to lear. i am amazed at the love and affection i have recieved from people i never met.
i would be lying if i say that people who never met me had no effect on me.

it looks like you got carried away, You have to draw the line somewhere Sewmouse and should not let it have a negative impact on your life.
i am not a saint and i hate saints, prophets and philosophers, they have messed up the world. But i would sincerely advise you not to waste your time and energy on something virtual. In my case the impact was positive. In your case it is negative.
please take care.

Leandra said...

The Internet allows us to reach out and meet people we could probably never have known otherwise and this is enriching. We can share ideas with people in other countries even.

I sort of like this. I am a very solitary person by nature. The Internet keeps me from being a total hermit. One day perhaps I will have amassed sufficient money to get my teeth fixed, and will again want to face the world in person. Dunno. Maybe not. Until then, I will take pleasure in those people I have met and will continue

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Wos!! Stand up and sing your song as you want it sung, Sister!! I found this post to be refreshing. So many wouldn't say shit if they had a mouthful on comments, thusly, they really say nothing at all, tho they leave words behind.

I wish your friend Visionary would start a blog. I think it'd be pretty good. I can guarentee him at least one reader - me, just to watch him and BBC trade cuss words.:)

BBC is gravel in anybody's underpants, and he knows that, as well as admits it, simply by virtue of his manner of writing, if nothing else. But to read of his sincere apology on an unrelated matter - it takes a lot of balls to write those painfully small letters that say "I'm Sorry." I've had to do it a couple times, and it never gets any easier. My hat's off to him!

May the New Year find Visionary and BBC' sabre's as shiny as ever, and may it bring you blessings!:) This is the best damn post I've read in a long time!!