Friday, October 05, 2007

More Snibbits, because I can't think of a clever title

A blog I read from time-to-time, "The Sneeze" has prompted me to have a gigglefit, thanks to the following quote: "Okay, look. There might be a day when I need a little chemical enhancement to get my soul set on fire, but I’m sure not going to hit a dusty roadhouse, pop Viagra with my old gang and lay down tunes until we all pop trouser tents." If you've never visited The Sneeze before, you might want to take a gander at his
Steve, Don't Eat It posts. I suggest doing so outside the normal mealtime window.

In the interst of maintaining a "FAIR AND BALANCED" news view - Here's some proof even the Democrats can have their "Wide-Stance" moments. Apparently an Ohio state representative decided to download some pr0n on his way to giving a Power-Point presentation to a group of highschool kids. Bet those nude models had some "POWER POINTS" of their own?

Back to work.
Smile! People will wonder what you are up to.

472 days


BBC said...

Well, it's all about bullshit. All of it.

enigma4ever said...

it all comes down to be careful to what you put on your shuffle....yup...from widestancing to top tapping to shuffling...

( so a commentator here in Ohio on a morning talk show said"well, atleast he wasn't gay" - oh yeah- it was like YOUNG girls- ahem ...kiddie porn??? yeah. that is SO much better....470 days to go of these people....)