Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Ya can't catch me, 'cause the rabbit done died - yes he did"

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Emo-ooooooooooooootion

Gah, I love that song. Love the whole album, actually. 12 inch record and the title cut and all, not to mention the equally top-40 "Walk This Way"

And not just because it all so vividly recalls the "Aerosmith Story" which I will refrain from retelling to protect the gentle sensibilities of the other party involved (because it is kind of embarassing and all)

No, I love that specific song "Sweet Emotion" because it is LOUD!

As a general rule, I drive to and from work with no radio, no CD, no tapes - just the hissing of tires (or tyres if you are UK), the swisssshhhh of air movement, the myriad small noises from the engine and a suspect muffler noise that may soon require some attention.

And then there are those moments... when someone wants to share their (c)rap "music" or Cuntry and Western, or *shudder* contemporary female pop "artists". Or the VERY worst - mariachi "salsa" garbage.

#1) Turn on CD player
#2) Make sure track 3 is set to play
#3) Turn up volume to almost maximum
#4) Enjoy the song stylings of Messrs Tyler and Perry
#5) Enjoy the lack of (c)rap, C&W, mexican Oompah or Brittney

This often also will result in #6) Enjoy watching the idiot blasting THEIR songs try to avoid your car - thus allowing you to turn off the CD player again.

*very... big... evil... grin*

488 days


Rauf said...

i am happy that you have no audio system on the car Sewmouse, good for you. its a big distraction. Just stay focused on the road.i have been missing a lot, specially this Aerosmith guy. steven tyler is he ? liv tyler's dad ? watched a few videos with Alicia silverstone years ago, must be history for you.
hope you are doing fine, please drive carfully, there are too many maniacs out there.

Sewmouse said...

Hi there Rauf!

Aerosmith is the name of a band. They do very loud, very suggestive, very pounding rock&roll music. Steven Tyler is one of the band members, and yes, he is Liv Tyler's dad.

The band has been around since the early 1970's. Wikipedia Linky

In the photo of the band on the right side of that page near the top, Steven Tyler is the singer in the front with the black shirt and blue pants. The physical resemblance to his (unfortunately talentless) daughter is quite amazing.

Donna said...

Oh Aerosmith are FANTASTIC! How to get yourself upbeat for the day is get a good old dose of Aerosmith in the morning. And I'm SO with you on "Enjoy the lack of (c)rap, C&W, mexican Oompah or Brittney". :-D


What rabbit died?

I'm goin' t'have to come here sober...

Aerosmith??? oh eck...

BBC said...

I've noticed that all the loud music comes from rigs with men in them. Mostly.

The women are all busy yakking on a cell phone. The gene pool is going downhill.