Monday, September 17, 2007

More babbling

So it seems the Shrub has come up with a name for the guy to replace Not-So-Speedy Gonzales as Attorney General. Some guy named Michael Mukasey. Apparently some retired judge or something. Never heard of him, actually. Every time I see his name I think of Michael McCaskey, and considering what HE did to Da Bears...

Bend over, grab your ankles and prepare for the worst.

In the process of making the "mystery quilt" along with whatever 2 or 3 readers are also interested, I've managed to move 2 steps beyond what I've already posted (always good to know WTF you are planning to spring on folks BEFORE you spring it), and I am surprisingly happy with the choice of fabric colors I've made. My digital camera is crap, and the colors are always just exactly NOT what they really are when I take photos, but the colors you see on the blog here are actually fairly accurate (pink, brown and mint-green) - even though the original pieces that I used for the photos were using a much brighter and more "POW in your face" kind of lime-green. The switch has made a world of difference, instead of being "all bright and loud", the quilt is now going to be "soft, warm and subtle" - not my usual style, certainly not my usual choice of colors - but damn, it looks nice. So far. I have surprised myself.

With the waning of summer comes the waning of the tomato plants. Last night must have been fair cold, because the baby-tomato plants are all rather wilty-leaved this morning. The midsize tomato plant is in a more protected corner and still seems "OK", but I suspect I'll have to gather in the last bits off that in the next day or so and then compost the remains. I should take an "after" shot of those 2 "baby" tomato plants. I swear they became almost "Attack of the Killer Cherry Tomato" size. (Quick! Someone get an STP sticker!!) They took over most of the fence and trellis, and then headed out into the narrow alley between our gates. Someone tucked it back into my garden again, so it's weaving in and out of the fence boards, with baby greenies still on it.

Nightmares still bothering me. Actually, very vivid, very bright and highly detailed dreams in general, and several of them being of the "wake up with adrenaline rush" variety. An example was the one where somehow I drove off a hilly road into a flooded bridge over a lake that washed away in front of me and the car sink in the lake. Managed to get out, and Manda was with me, she got out too, but I couldn't find her and she was hollering for me, so I backfloated and then she paddled up to me and I got her to backfloat and towed us both to the shore and got out, but the police wouldn't help us get the car out of the lake, and I was late for work.

Ok, who said dreams make sense? Fucking effluvia of the brain. This is not the first time I've dreamed of driving into deep water. I guess I have some kind of subconscious Mary Jo Kopechne syndrome or something.

490 days



I once had a nightmare about a tomato plant attacking me. It kept shooting me with rock hard red ones.

I haven't smoked that shit since....well...not often

BBC said...

Even good digital cameras often see colors differently than we do. It's no big deal.

Yup, sometimes when your brain is at rest it just likes to play with itself. It's no big deal.

Now Bush and those idiots, that is a big deal, a big fucked up deal.

John Good said...

It's all my fault - I started swimming lessons last week. I know. . .I know. . .they MADE me do it. (grumble) damn family. ;)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Bend over, grab your ankles and prepare for the worst."
Sage advice. Anybody Bush likes can't be too well schooled on the constitution, or give it much respect.

I've had that "type" of dream on and off pretty much all my life.

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me I was going to do a post on dreams. I hate those "being late for work" dreams.

SpanishGoth said...

I had a dream about a big chocolate muffin and I wanted to pour some cherry sauce on it but I picked up the bottle of olive oil instead and completely spoiled it.

Then I thought 'Fuck off, this is my dream' and so I made the oil go backwards into the bottle and had some ice cream instead with my still, lovely, muffin.

Donna said...

"Effluvia of the brain" - I completely agree! Some of my dreams are such utter piles of shite that I don't believe you could read anything into them at all. Hopefully yours will stop bothering you though, that's horrible that is :-(