Friday, September 21, 2007


"Without a commitment to withdraw partisan and sectarian politics from the selection of senior inspectors general leadership, there is the likelihood that investigations will not have credibility."

So sayeth the sages who are reporting from Iraq on the state of the "government" there and their courts system.

Ironic, huh?

In other news:

I am so "L33+". Last nite on the way home from work I realized my left turn-signal had a lamp out. By process of elimination (checking for reflections in other people's bumpers), I realized I was also missing a brake-lamp, as both the turnsignal and brake use the same lamp. Joy. *sigh*

I also had a trunk full of boxes, which I had to unload first, so I went home and unloaded - then realized that since I had the car going anyhow, it wouldn't be all that hard to drive to a "service station" - which isn't that easy to find anymore! - and get it fixed.

On my way to finding the Marathon station that still has a mechanic on staff, I noticed a "Car Quest Auto Parts" store - so I drove in. I went in my trunk and pulled out the carpeting away from the back of the taillight, and voila - within seconds I had a burned out light-bulb in my hand. Went in, showed it to the guy, and got a new one for $1.38. Went back out to the trunk, plugged in the new one, started the car, checked to make sure I had turnsignalage - and SUCCESS!! Drove off with working lamps. WOOT!!

Would have cost me over $10 at the service station, no doubt. I am feeling very sassy and superior for this - which is silly because it's only a freaking taillight bulb - but hey, ya takes yer "attagirls" where you can gets 'em, eh?

486 days


Anonymous said...

Here's a big ATTAGIRL for you. There's no better feeling than taking care of business all by yourself.

BBC said...

"I realized I was also missing a brake-lamp"

That is correct, they use the same filament, the other filament in the bulb is for the tail lights. If the problem isn't in the bulb you can almost always bet that it is in the turn signal switch.

But that is only on cars designed and made in America. Cars made in other places, or foreign cars made in America often have another bulb for the turn signal that has nothing to to with the brake light.

But you did good in figuring that out. Really. And your library has a lot of books on auto repairs and you can learn how to do many of your own repairs.

I learned how to rebuild automatic transmissions on my own, anyone should be able to learn how to do a lot of repairs on their cars.

But if the electronics are fucking up you do need help. Thankfully I have friends in that business that will help me.

In 64 years I suppose that I've spent less than two hundred bucks to have others fix my rigs for me.

I don't even like others working on my rigs. It's a result of working with mechanic's for years I suppose, because many of them are idiots and I've had to fire a lot of them.

Visionary said...

A good work bench, the proper tools, a decent manual, and my mother could rebuild an automatic transmission.


"Without a commitment to withdraw partisan and sectarian politics from the selection of senior inspectors general leadership, there is the likelihood that investigations will not have credibility."

Be much easier if they just said "It's FUBAR"

Then we'd all understand.

BBC said...

Visionary.... I see that you are still a fucking idiot. First you have to take that transmission out of the car, and then get it back in.

And there are a few hundred parts in that transmission that all have to work well together. And if you think it is simple tell me how many you have rebuilt.

None? Well fuck me running, but that just makes you another idiot.

I'm pretty sure that Sewmouse could rebuild one before you could.

My best guess is that you don't even know that the tail light bulb she bought the other day was an 1157. Unless she bought an 1154 which is the light duty version of an 1157.

I'm also guessing that you don't even know the model of the transmission in your car, if you even have a car.

And maybe Sewmouse will even allow this comment to stand on it's own merit because she gets a perverse enjoyment out of men calling each other idiots. Which you are, you are not a visionary, you are a fucking idiot and just because your mother could rebuild a transmission it doesn't mean you can. :-)

The Future Was Yesterday said... mother could rebuild an automatic transmission......I see that you are still a fucking idiot........
Children! Stop it this instant!

Sorry Sew. So much damn noise I couldn't hear myself try to think of what the hell it was I was going to say.:)

Oh Yeah! I see nothing silly at all about putting nine bucks back in your pocket! Blink on, Baby!

Kin I say just one more thing to the transmission people? Please? Oh, yer a Doll!! I owe ya one!

"Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn't mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar."
Jist sayin'

BBC said...

TFWY...... Bullshit, I'm not going to shut up, I like the child in me and I like to honor it. Hugs baby.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

You know what cat litter manufacturers say....

Rave On, Cat shit!:)

Sewmouse said...


No matter how many books on it I read, knowing how to rebuild an auto tranny isn't going to help me any, since I drive a stick-shift.


Visionary_can_Rebuild_You said...

Even better, Sew, since a stick rarely has the same problems or breakdown rate as an automatic has. Just don't mess your clutch pack or flywheel up.

As for BBC.. That would be a 1989 Model AOD 4-speed automatic transmission mated to a 302 cu EFI gas powered ford motor of the same year. Now, that particular tranny has never been rebuilt as she's only got 85k original miles on her, but its been through the usual service when i got my hands on it.

I am atm rebuilding an '89 AOD /4wd also mated to a 302 EFI that fits in a Bronco. I sorta fried the O-drive band on it while while driving it from my old house to my new one. It's not an uncommon issue as the stock band is too damned small for the size of the vehicle it moves. That will be remedied with the installation of a kevlar band. I've done both gm and mopar (the above is my 1st Ford) as well over the years, mostly when I was an active build/driver in the wrecking circuit. A little know how is nice to have and helps tons, but the majority of it is organization and bolt-turning.

I wouldn't know what exact bulb Sew bought as I wasn't there, nor do I care really. She did it. It worked. Yay for all.