Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summer Cold

Without question, the most heinous of all little virii, the "Summer Cold" has struck and is working its wretched way through my upper respiratory system. The previous 2 nights before last were uncomfortable in the extreme, as the sore throat monster had taken grip and was NOT about to let go. Fortunately, with the application of some Chloraseptic and Vicks44 Sore Throat Nightime Remedy (and a couple of leftover pain pills from the neck operation), the throat is now back to a serious semblance of normality - and the nose is now in full throttle mucus production.

Too much 411? *grin*

Its been raining a lot here lately, and the ground is pretty much saturated, I think - seeing as all the retention ponds are at maximum and Salt Creek is so far out of its bounds where I pass it on the way to/from work that it looks more like "Salt River". Another foot or so of rain and the creek will be up to the top of the bridge. Last night was another thunderstorm - quite pretty and very noisy, but I slept well. Well, as well as one can sleep with a snotty nose and a thunderstorm outside.

At least I've found my voice again. Lost it yesterday. Sounded like a whole herd of Kvatch's relatives had taken up refuge in my throat. Went home early and slept it off.

The air was so heavy this morning. Something tells me that this is the end of summer, even though I haven't yet smelled that "crisp autumn" air scent that spells the end. Once that scent hits the morning air, it's only a matter of a week or so before the jackets and sweaters come out of hibernation in the closet. This wasn't THAT smell yet - but something heavy and old and worn out. Summer gasping for air in the heat and humidity and trying to hold on.

I hope the damn weather gets all its "precipitation" done and over with before the winter cold. Better rain than sn*w.

515 days


BBC said...

It's been really nice here, just a little rain off and on. It's been so many years since I had a cold that I don't recall when it was. I get sniffles, but not colds.

The scientists say that the Chicago weather is going to be one of the first to go to hell, so there ya go.

Move or put up with it I guess.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Same thing's been making the rounds at this domain, although we've not been attacked to the extent you have. Fall weather? Hehe.;) That comes around mid December.:)