Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh bah.

So the power went out a few days ago, (actually several times over the last few weeks) and that means my computer turned off, as it isn't hooked up to a ups or a generator or anything, and it's not solar, yet.

So all my "always on" message programs and stuff got turned off, and since I've set everything to "no, do not start unless I TELL you to start" on my computer, they weren't working for like 2 weeks and I didn't notice. I just figured everybody was off doing interesting things that I wasn't.

So I turned them all back on again last night - and VOILA!! People missed me!! People had sent me messages!! Happiness. I tried to respond to all of them - if I missed someone and he/she/they/it read here - I'm sorry - I really did try to get them all.

So now that's all sorted. It appears that the rain gods are in town. My friends from the UK are probably all laughing now. It certainly has given me some insight into what "pissing down rain" really entails. [bill cosby voice] NOAH!! [/bill cosby voice]

Yah, it rained for the picnic. But that was ok, we were at a school, so we all just traipsed inside to the gymnasium which was attached to the lunchroom. We put the food in the lunchroom, set the kids loose in the Gym with a bunch of large bouncy balls, (shaddup, visionary) and had a nice time anyhow. I won a pair of wind-up-to-charge flashlights in the bingo, which is nice, and ate way too much, and got to talk a lot with Mrs. Chris, who is gonna have her first baby and is just SO cute...

Vinnie the waiter - here's the rest of your tip:

If you have a customer, and even if she isn't a 17yr old "hottie" - you'll get more money if you keep the coffee cup full. 8 oz of coffee is NOT a breakfast, you little dago twat.

One last thing:

Starting today, I'm going to remove all the non-quilt/quilt-construction-related comments from the Mystery Quilt posts. If you want to repost them in another post - go for it, but I'd like to keep the Mystery Quilt posts focused solely on construction.

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BBC said...

Okay. :-)

Robert Rouse said...

Drop by Left of Centrist for a major announcement.