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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lemonade on the Patio

Oh what a beautiful day!

The temperature was "just right", not too muggy, and lovely blue skies with puffy white clouds. Just great for sitting on the patio with a glass of lemonade and a book.

Went shopping this afternoon and picked up a small cabinet to hold my DVD's. This is a good thing. Not like I don't already have too much furniture, but this will keep the DVD's from looking like a mess in a pile on the end table. Kind of the difference between having books in a bookshelf, or having them stacked up in piles all over the house. Only 23 bucks - not a bad deal. I really hate "Value City", but once in a while, braving it's bad "Zayre" atmosphere for a short time can net one a bargain. I win.

We even went to the "Dysfunctional Denny's" and had a good meal without any obvious "Dysfunctional" episodes - which, I suppose, is dysfunctional in and of itself given the location. *chuckle*

Anyhow - I need to take a few pictures to add to tomorrow's Mystery post, so I'd best get cracking. Have a WONDERFUL day, .... dears!

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  • At 12:59 AM, Blogger Babzy said…

    What do you mean the weather is just right? I watch the news and weather. Your area is under water. Do you live up a hill?

  • At 9:11 AM, Blogger Sewmouse said…

    Yes, I do live up a hill!
    The putt-putt mini-golf course has a lot of unintended water holes now, however - and one of the creeks is now a white-water mini-river. *chuckle*

    Today (Sunday) looks to be another perfect day, so far. Maybe some of the water will run off to the big lake and away from the putt-putt course.


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