Friday, July 06, 2007

Why I hate Republicans

I got this in my e-mail from a politically WRONG friend of mine. He's been brainwashed by the Republican party into believing any of the BS that their neocon pundits spew.

Your Blog deserves both sides of the story - but it is your blog:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House on Thursday accused former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, of hypocrisy for criticizing
President George W. Bush's decision to spare ex-aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby from prison.

The administration is on the defensive after Bush commuted Libby's 2-1/2-year sentence in a CIA leak case. It took aim at Clinton for granting 140 pardons,
including one for fugitive financier Marc Rich, in the last hours of his presidency.

"The hypocrisy demonstrated by Democratic leaders on this issue is rather startling," White House spokesman Scott Stanzel told reporters.

Scott Stanzel can lick my clit. This is exactly why I hate republicans.
This has NOTHING to do with Senator Clinton, nor does it have anything to do
with President Clinton. This has ONLY to do with the Pretender to the Presidency covering up his own wrongdoing.

EVERY President grants some questionable pardons - Reagan did it. Bush Sr.
did it. Carter did it. ALL OF THEM DO IT. However, MOST of them do not do it in order to protect themselves, their VP's and their evil "Advisors" THIS is the story - that Shrub is acting like a goddamn fucking mafioso - Fucking Neocons ALWAYS fucking pull Clinton into it - even when it is NOT applicable - as in this case.

In a letter from the organization "Grassfire", the PROPER usage of the presidential power to commute a sentance is requested - I'm NOT going to hold my breath waiting for the fucking shrub to do the RIGHT thing, however.

> After learning that he commuted the sentence of former
> White House aide Scooter Libby, who was convicted of
> obstructing the investigation of a crime, I'm wondering
> when he's going to pardon U.S. Border Agents Ramos and Compean?
> Both of these decorated agents have been languishing in a
> Federal prison for 169 days, and it is time the President
> does the right thing by pardoning both and reuniting them
> with their families.
> Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a great friend of Grassfire,
> and a true champion for these agents said it best "the President
> does not seem to have the same mercy for the average men and
> women holding the frontlines of our borders. Unjustly imprisoned
> Border Agents Ramos and Compean...deserve the same mercy afforded
> to Mr. Libby."

563 days - maybe.


BBC said...

Hi hon, I'm back from my camping trip, but I'm not doing a post until in the morning.

Wonderful rant, keep up the good work, hugs.

But I'm beginning to hate Democrats as much as I hate Republicans. Our political system is just bullshit anymore and I hate all of it and them.

But I can look out there and see the future and I see a beautiful thing after this country goes to hell. So hang in there hon, hugs.

BBC said...

Hey, Sewmouse, I see that you have the prim and proper Babzy saying 'Motherfucker'.

Good job, high fives hon. :-)

Hell, everyone knows that Goddess likes to swear. Hugs.

BBC said...

Spotted on another blog.

"Is there anyone left out there who does not yet understand that our government is a plutocracy?"

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Scott Stanzel can lick my clit.

I would have thought for sure that a lady of your refinement and stature would be much more discriminatory!

Anonymous said...

I don't put up with that kind of sh*t even from the few Republican friends I have left.

The situation is pretty stark and Fitzgerald put his finger right on it. Scotter Libby's perjury and obstruction of justice will keep us from ever knowing the extent of the illegality associated with the Plame affair. Clinton didn't pardon anyone who could destroy his presidency, and didn't do it while two years remained.


Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to say goodnight and thank you my friend.