Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Week With No Middle

What an oddball week this is. Monday was Monday, Tuesday was Wednesday, Wednesday was Saturday, Thursday is Monday and tomorrow is Friday again...

I was glad I was able to make a suggestion to a friend about her daughter's dog, even though that specific idea didn't work, the vet did suggest giving the poor old fella some benadryl and when she played some classical music for him afterwards he settled down and fell asleep. Hurray for Diphenhydramine.

My zucchini did not get big. It didn't even get growing very well. It fell off last night as a little inch-long shrivvled thingy. OTOH my cucumbers are doing well, one of them is about the size of a standard "sweet pickle" pickle and is growing well. Perhaps I need to get some plant food into the other pots.

I couldn't really bring myself to "celebrate" yesterday. Besides being Wednesday and having to work today, I also just don't feel much like celebrating the birth of this nation as it goes through what very well may be its death throes. I still am not of the belief that we will EVER again have presidential elections, and I am sick to death of hearing all the horrible things that this administration has done.

It's too late to impeach the motherfucker - by the time that the process got under way there would either already have been elections, or he will have already staged the fake terrorist attack that will allow him to suspend elections in the wake of a "National Emergency", and have declared himself dictator for life.

The country my forefathers fought for, died for, gave their all to support and defend is being destroyed from within by those who have profited from its freedom and justice for these many decades. I watched the Berlin Wall come down. I watched the Soviet Bloc disintegrate - and I never... ever... thought I would live long enough to see the destruction of the United States - certainly not by its own citizens in government.

564 days. Maybe.


Peacechick Mary said...

Black Kow manure (comes in a yellow bag) and some Epsom salts (a tablespoon or two) will do the trick. You will see a major difference in just a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

That's one good way of dealing with him. Dunk him in black cow manure sprinkled with epsom salts.