Friday, August 03, 2007

Mental Vomit

Why is it that every few days Google or Blogger or whatever this is anymore decides to FUCK UP and not post my posts so that they can be seen???? Can I please just get a name so I can hit somebody? This is very unpleasant.

Dear Vendor. Our terms with you are "Pay on Credit Card". Why then, are you sending me a statement that says our invoices are over 120 days old??

Praytell, Why is the truck driving in the "passing lane" that can't seem to manage to get itself out of first gear? At rush-hour?

Guilty pleasures - the Pedicure! Oh my goodness feet feel better when they are nicely pedicured with pink toenails. Fake Florida Lawn Flamingo Pink. I noticed that the other ladies who were also having this service were also about my age. Perhaps this is an acquired joy? I do know that I never really thought about it much as a teen/tween. Feels so good to lay back in the chair and let someone else mess with all the nasty little cuticle bits. Worth every penny.

I think I shall go in search of some chocolate ice cream tonight. A small container should last a few weeks, and hopefully it will be enough to satisfy this chocoholism I'm developing. Damn the change.

Emptied a bucket of bleach-water onto the patio this morning. Did not realize until I got in to work and at my desk that it had splashed on my nice grey pants. I suppose that if I embroider flowers on them I can cover up the nasty splotches. *sigh*

535 days


Peacechick Mary said...

I might have send you a truckload of chocolate!

BBC said...

A half gallon only lasts me a couple of days.

I notice that on blogger that I often have to stop it and hit the command again.

Often a comment window just sits there empty so I close it and click on the link again.

Pain in the butt but that's what I have to do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to delete temp files and/or refresh? Just guessing. go here.

BBC said...

"When you make a new post, change your settings, or change your template, the changes should appear in your blog as soon as Blogger reports that publishing has been completed. If everything looks the same and you can't see your updates, then try the following suggestions:"

This has nothing to do with the fact that it reports that you have made a new post and asks if you want to view the blog. It should show you the new post.

Refreshing, or hitting the F5 key is fine to refresh a page or comment box, but really has nothing to do with changes or trying to just get some fucking where.

Just saying.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Re Trucks and invoices:


:) At least that was the explanation given go me when I called a department to see why they couldn't read memo's.

I need your help if you have an extra minute or two.....