Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Screw the troops.

So I'm reading this article about how Michigan is all worried about the Republican party saying that flying the flag at half-mast every time a Michigander comes home from Iraq in a box is "disrespectful" and sends "the wrong message".

A commenter on this article - allegedly a "wife" of a soldier currently in Iraq, indicated that the troops do NOT appreciate any of the things we try to do for them back here. They consider the lowering of the flag to be just an insignificant token that is meaningless to them. They do not appreciate the care packages or letters from strangers back here in the U.S. - the "patriots" are the subject of their derision, and they actively speak out against those whom they are hired (and paid by) to defend and protect. They are an "insular group, a band of brothers that admits no outsiders". Fine. Screw them.

You know... the soldiers bitched and moaned and cried when they came back from Viet Nam and nobody did anything to "honor" them. So now Michigan is "honoring" them - and they're bitching and moaning and crying about it. Screw them - and the jackasses they rode in on.

What this tells me is that all they want is the ticker-tape parades and the free drinks in every bar if they walk in wearing uniforms. Mindless adoration.

After posting this, I am going to remove the links on the right to the sites that I've used to try and make life a little less miserable for the "troops" in the Middle East. If they have nothing but scorn and derision for those of us who are trying to NOT make their lives in the field, or their homecomings as miserable as the ones given the soldiers in VietNam, then I have no reason to "support" these troops, neither with my letters, nor with my "Care" packages. They can all rot in the sand, so far as I'm concerned. Screw the baby-killing torturers and rapists.

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Peacechick Mary said...

Isn't that amazing how one wife knows what all the troops are thinking. I think she has her own opinion and is using the troops to express it.

BBC said...

I refuse to honor or support any man that fights a war. I don't care where he is or who's side he is on.

It's just all so stupid.

Leandra said...

Thank you Mary. That's what I have been trying to tell Sewmouse as well. There is no way this one woman has talked to each of the 170,000 men and women over there, and it is equally as impossible to find that many people who hold a single opinion on anything.

My father and my ex were both military was was my brother. So I know of people in the military who feel exactly the opposite as this woman says "everyone" feels.

Do some people over there feel that way? Undoubtedly. She is probably speaking for herself, her husband, and two of his buddies. Hardly a consensus and hardly any reason to turn against everyone who serves their country in a war because two or three people are asses.

Anonymous said...

I think Mary and Leandra are right. There are a lot of soldiers over there so you're going to find all kinds.

Think of it this way...If your support and kind words only comforted one fightened young soldier wouldn't it be worth it?

Sewmouse said...

Ladies - the moment that I see even ONE - ONE - actual soldier refute this woman, I'll believe you that this bitch is a fluke.

Until then, I've heard these same types of words more than once, and I'll continue to boycott the "Troops".

If We the People of the United States are worthy only of their derision and scorn, Screw them.

Leandra said...

I'm sorry Sew but we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I actually know people who were there who don't feel the way that woman does. I'm not arguing that some of them do. Like her and her husband, but most aren't that disrespectful and to be honest most of them don't think far enough to have an opinion one way or another.

Robert Rouse said...

Sew, as someone who has met several Iraq War vets down in Crawford, TX, I can assure you that the vast majority do appreciate everything we do for them. This "wife" doesn't know what she's talking about. As for running the flag at half mast every single time a Wolverine comes back home in a crate, they will eventually sty at half-mast if Bush's surge continues.

Anonymous said...


Visionary said...

BBC, you should be kissing the ass of every WW2 vet you come across... you fuckin' knob...

Sew.. I am surprised, and yet not so surprised, that you would broadbrush such a wide swath of people based on the comments of a single moron who can't possibly speak for anyone.