Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Handyman Arriveth

And I will have a new water heater tomorrow. And new guts for my toilet. All in all, I'm going to have a water-free floor & carpet shortly, and it will only cost an arm and 1/2 a leg - no major internal organs.

Had it not been for the car repairs, I"d be looking ok at all this - as it is, it is a good thing this is a 3-paycheck month.

Soon as I can get some more cash together, however, this guy is going to be put to work again and fix the upstairs bathroom issues, then I get to save up for the BIG things - I want to gut that upstairs bathroom to the studs, and then redo it with quality materials and waterproofing so that it lasts a REALLY good long time. And with a GIRL bathtub. The one in there now (I may have mentioned this before) is a Man bathtub:


I want a GIRL bathtub:


Some day my tub will come
Some day I'll soak in it
And together we'll bubble away
Like a Calgon Commercial on crack...
La, de, da da da da....
La, de, da da da da
LA LA DE DE DE DA DA DA DA...........

Ok, that's enough Disney for tonite.
I'm going to have to take a "sink bath" tomorrow with water heated on the stove, (how primitive!!) and put my hair in a bun, I guess. Tomorrow nite I'm taking a LONG, HOT shower!!!

579 Days


Peacechick Mary said...

It will be a long hot shower if all goes well and a soaking with the hose if not. Been there.

Anonymous said...

I have a girl tub and I love it. Never had one before moving to this condo a year ago. If the world gets too crazy for me I fill up my girl tub with fairly hot water and bubbles and soak my cares away.

You gotta get one, then you can sing your little song whilst floating around in your tub.

enigma4ever said...

I too am working on my bathroom this summer and you made me laugh so hard about the tub- I had no idea .....Congrats on your tub....and bathroom...

Your blog is wonderful- I am trying to update and repair my blog- I will try to add you to the blogroll this weekend- if the Blog will let me...

Watergate Summer is back...for good, stop by when you are't soaking.

John Good said...

My Magnificent Seven Tag!

BBC said...

Okay, toots. :-)

What makes you think a square tub is a mans tub? I wouldn't want one.

And I don't have a shower here yet either and I take a bowl bath everyday. It's okay, at least I'm clean.

But when I do get a shower somewhere I make it a long one.

I wanna go camping again. Fewer monkeys out there.

pissed off patricia said...

Isn't it great to get those things repaired that drive you nuts? I know because a few months back we found someone who could fix anything and he did. Plus it's nice to know he's still around the next time something else turns on us and tries to drive us crazy.

Croila said...

I'm too damn long for a bath :-( At 5'8", I've not had many baths that I can actually sink down into upto my chin, yet keep my knees underwater. Gimme a shower any day!