Thursday, June 28, 2007

The first veggie...

Will be a tomato. A little bitty tomato - either a "Cherry" tomato or a "Sweet 100" tomato, I can't remember which one is in which pot. But 2 of them are going red already and one of them is almost there!! The first veggie is always such a joy. This year I am getting a whole lot of baby tomatoes (mini ones by design) as well as a good 1/2 dozen or so of the mid-size ones I planted as well. Happiness.

BBC asked what is the big deal about the zucchini - really it is not a big deal in and of itself, it is just one baby zucc, but I really get a kick out of harvesting my own food from a garden I've tended myself, so this baby zucc is the first one and kind of exciting. I also have never grown zucc's in a pot before, so that whole thing "working" is fun as well.

The Nasturtiums must have heard me complaining, as they have started making more flower buds. Apparently, glaring at them in disapproval works almost as well as "Miracle Gro". LOL

The weather is utterly stupendous today - I think I may just do the BBQ thing in the little baby Weber and cook up some burgers tonite. Its been a long time since I did that, and I do have some nice ground beef I can spank into patties!

BBC asked how many people I hug in one week. Well, Dear - I'm not a big huggy person - as said before, I come from that "stoic German" family tradition, so it feels to me as if I am being intrusive into another person's "personal space". In fact, it seems to me that more people are uncomfortable at PDA's (Public Displays of Affection) than those who are not.

Most of those I'd hug with a lot more regularity live far enough away to make it impractical, however. There's a fair few folks I hug on a regular basis, but I'd say in one week there are probably only 2 or 3 actual PEOPLE who get hugs. Some get more than 1 a week, tho.

And I'm ok with that.

571 days


BBC said...

Shucks, at one time in my life I wouldn't have thought of hugging anyone other than my wife.

Now I'm willing to hug anyone that wants or needs a hug. I get or give maybe fifty hugs or more a week, not counting the virtual ones.

I grew a small plot of spuds one year, and they were good, but geez, I can buy a ten pound bag for just a few bucks.

And it is a standing joke over here that people sneak into your yard to offload their excess zucchini on you.

So there is no point in my growing any of it.

BTW....... Hugs.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Will be a tomato. A little bitty tomato - either a "Cherry" tomato or a "Sweet 100" tomato,

One of my "cherry's" are juuusst starting to look like they might wanna start turning red one of these days.

Hot sex on the porch in the summertime works, baby!:)

Sewmouse said...

You offering, TFWY?

I think the little one will be ready tomorrow. I also think I need to weed a bit more.

Leandra said...

We haven't had enough warm weather for the tomatoes to be anything but blossoms yet. I do have baby zucchinis and I saw a stem of broccoli today about three inches across.

My lilies are blooming, all two of them. The third is still thinking about it. My nasturtiums are blooming all over the place and I can smell them in the living room when the window is open. The sweet peas, on the other hand, have finally started forming flower buds, but are still thinking about the whole blooming thing.

I wish my lilac and blueberry were doing better. The peppers and possibly the cucumbers are a total loss for this year.

We have tons of petunias though, and the two hanging baskets make the porch pretty. As long as I pick off the dead flowers they are very happy.

It's almost 2 in the morning. Wish I could sleep.

BBC said...

It's Monday evening, anyone home? I really did expect a new post today. :-)


betmo said...

the lettuce is just about over- and i got my first beans today! no tomatoes or peppers yet though. :(

Croila said...

"The weather is utterly stupendous today" .... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

But on the hugs subject. PDAs ... *shudder* - can't do 'em. Just can NOT! Hugs from me are strictly for my son and significant other ONLY. I've not been referred to as a human ironing board for nothing, you know. I hate it if someone launches him/herself at me with a hug! Talk about invasion of space, yuck.