Friday, April 13, 2007

Creativity's Muse Awakens

Yet again.

Damn bitch wont let me rest. Anyhow, I saw this awesome turned-wood toothpick-holder-cup thing that BBC had made for one of his ladyfriends at the bank a little while back. I thought it was really nice, and decided I'd trade him craft for craft - even though he says I don't need to repay him or anything, but then it hit me...


A pattern I'd seen of an "arrowheads" kind of dealiebop with various and sundry backgrounds and flying geese. I know BBC likes "southwestern", and this in my head "feels" southwestern without actually BEING southwestern, which is ok by me. Simple straight lines and yet complex enough to be intrinsically pleasing.

Gah, I hope he likes beige. I know he likes blue, but I sure hope he likes beige too, because this has "beigeness" written all over it in my head. Beige is a great color - it doesn't show cat hair very well!

So anyhow, I was up for like 3 hours last nite in a frenzy of compositional math, and now today my tummy feels oogie, my head hurts, I feel bloated and want to go curl up and die. Not that the 2 are at all related, I suspect the ooginess has more to do with my being bad and eating leftover stroganoff and mango sherbet.

Will post preliminary photos of the Muse's Inspiration once I've gotten all the fabrics together and something cut & pieced.

I really do hope he likes beige...

667 days


Peacechick Mary said...

Mano sherbet! Did you save some for moi?

BBC said...

I'm okay with beige hon, but geez, don't lose sleep over it. It may be two more weeks before I get your toothpick cup done.

I was pretty busy today and didn't even look at it but once. I got the load of firewood stacked in Helen's woodshed, helped Rick some, moved the squatters trailer off of my property, and things like that.

Big hugs.

Sewmouse said...

There's still plenty in the carton, Mary - c'mon up!

Good for you on evicting the squatter, BBC! I'm glad you like beige, I've already got most of the fabric picked out, just need to find a few more bits for arrowheads and then start cutting.

BBC said...

I just tore a dryer apart, salvaged what I wanted off of it and made the rest of it flatter than a pancake. :-)

betmo said...

i have felt yucky for 3 days and i can't for the life of me figure out why- tummy and head and what not. perhaps a bug going around? beige goes with everything and you can accessorize- plus isn't it true that men only see primary colors anyway? or so hubby tells me :)

pissed off patricia said...

I want to see the pictures of both your creation and his.

Croila said...

Mango sherbet *shudder* - I won't join you for that, if you don't mind! Oh boy I hate mangoes. The smell of them to me is just as vile as the taste. Eeeeuuuww!

But. I'd love to see the things the Muse is inspiring you to create!