Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ARGH!!! Mousecicles!

Ok, Al Gore.
It's your fault the heat went out here at work too!

Just because I said so.

Now make with the "Global Warming", Mr. Smartypants.

(They just brought me a space-heater because the furnace went out here. I'm thinking of putting on my hat and gloves.)


Peacechick Mary said...

Part of the science of global warming is wildly fluctuating weather patterns with Ice Age type cold in certain areas. Hmm, guess you are in the mouse Ice age group. Put your feet in hot chocolate. I always do and it helps a lot. Sometimes they send me home, as well.

BBC said...

I just read in the paper that Chicago and Los Angeles are going to become very miserable places in the future.

I still say that there is a reason I moved here.

Anonymous said...

We're getting rain here. The rain that we didn't get all winter. The rain that we should have gotten! In April! April! Fog season. The only mosture we're supposed to get this time of year is in the form of water vapor.