Thursday, April 12, 2007

Big Business does something right

Can we all give a rousing round of applause to Procter & Gamble, American Express, Sprint Nextel, Staples and General Motors please?

These fine companies did the RIGHT THING. They pulled all their advertising from the radio and TV programs hosted by that vile piece of human sludge - Don Imus.

MSNBC has also done the right thing. They have dropped their simulcast of his "show". Good for them. *applause*

It has come to my attention that this vile cretin is now holding a 40 hour "Radiothon" to raise money for "charity". I urge anyone who reads this to NOT contribute a dime to his effort. Despite the "good works" aspect of this, it's a stunt, and you can easily contribute DIRECTLY to the organizations that he claims to support (if they are ones you also support) without going through him. I would also urge any charity that he claims to support to REFUSE any tainted money from that vile, nasty, ugly, little man.

I would definately urge any WOMEN who have ever listened to his foul verbal diarrhaea to boycott his show and let CBS know that you will be writing to any remaining sponsors expressing your disgust with his misogynist nastiness and demanding they pull advertising.

There is nothing at all "funny" about what he and his vile little ugly producer said about the Rutgers players. There is nothing "funny" about calling ANY women "Ho's" - unless they actually HAVE chosen the oldest profession as their own. Unless Don Imus can show UNCONTESTABLE PROOF that these intelligent, talented, young women have actually taken money as compensation for performing sexual acts, then he needs to be silenced - PERMANENTLY.

I wonder if he has a daughter. I wonder if he'd still be shooting off his ugly, foul, vile mouth if someone raped her because that someone thought she's just a "ho" - not a human being - because Imus refers to women that way. THINGS like Imus need to be removed from this planet.

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