Thursday, March 22, 2007

The results are in

Tumor benign. As expected, a "lipoma". Sore neck, but nothing to worry about.

I have, without a doubt, the coolest chiropracter in the world. Dr. Brad was the one who told me to get this lump checked out. I'd found it on my neck on the side where I'd been having the numbness and pain down the arm, and I thought it had been another stupid muscle knot. He told me to go get it checked at my Dr.

Dr. Nick told me to go see Dr. W, the surgeon, and the lump is now history, everything's over except for the ITCHING. So Dr. Brad, my chiropractor is the hero of the story - and ALL the Dr's and nurses were surprised he sent me to Dr. Nick.

But Wait! That's not all! (no, sorry, no Ginsu knives...)

Yesterday about an hour after I called for the results, I got a phone call here at work from Dr. Brad - asking how that lump turned out. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? Especially since I got so flustered with all the pre-surgery arrangements that I totally blew off my last appointment with him? I just adore that man, even if his politics ARE screwy. *grin*

True progress continues on the home front with the next stage of Operation Livingroom Liberation well under way. We are clean-bombing the sofa and chairs, and expect to move on to the tabletops and the cedar chest within days. Our mission is clear - we must destroy the dustbunnies where they live, under the furniture, so that we don't have to destroy them in the middle of the dinnertable.

I anticipate the discovery of cat-toys of mass destruction at any moment. We know they exist, we know exactly (sort of) where they are. We will begin operations to locate and isolate these dread kitty toys and reduce their numbers significantly.

To further this mission, I will be deploying this weekend the Hoover steam-vac, a large and very powerful fighting machine that has been known to eliminate stains in most of its missions. Further updates when available.

Sent off for some seed catalogs. I'll not use them this year, but I will buy from one or two soon so that I can keep getting them. I like to look at them.

Have a scrumptious day -

689 days


Leandra said...

I am so proud of you. I hope I can do half as well with my get things organized efforts. Mine are not housework oriented, but are important to me. They're such things as writing, working on things, and making a bunch of small but important personal changes that I don't mention on my blog.

Keep up the good work and rest secure in the knowledge that through your hard efforts you are never going to be faced with a killer dustbunny attack in the middle of the night.

dawn said...

I am happy to hear about your good news. Now if you want to clean and organize my house I would love it hee hee

Peacechick Mary said...

Hooray the lump is not only gone, but harmless! Good news indeed. Very professional chiropractor, too. I do well with chiropractic treatment, as well.

On the home front: When I moved into this house 6 years ago, I had all the carpet removed and tile or vinyl put in. Animals and carpet do not go together. It's also easy to quick damp mop and eliminate dust bunnies. I also learned recently that I had to dust the walls now and then to cut down on the dust bunnies. Otherwise, we have herds of them running everywhere.

jules said...

Well thank fuck for that. :) I'm very pleased to hear it.

BBC said...

It's still itching? Well, it must be a good itch.

I don't need a chiropractor anymore. I actually took ones advice to do my own exercises to keep my body in shape.

Let me know when the place is all cleaned up. I will .... he, he, he, drop by with more boogers.


I did some cleaning up out in the yard today, and burned twigs and branches in a celebration fire.

Where I live they can't stop me from having a celebration fire, I celebrated our lives.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo-oooooo-ooooooo relieved! :-) Hoep the itch has stopped, is stopping, is slowing down...whatever! :-)

John Good said...

My chiro always served me well. . .but now our insurance doesn't cover it. So, on Monday, I get to have what's called a "block". . .(shudder)

Frederick said...

Quote away, fair mouse!

Sewmouse said...

Thanks, sweetie!! *smooch*