Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Asylum Street Spankers Video

The lovely folks at Google here have apparently broken my ability to post YouTube videos, or I'm stupid and can't figure out how to work it, or both. So...


It's funny. It's cute. The first minute is kind of stupid, but the rest is awesome (Thank you John from Left in Aboite for bringing it to my attention via HCG and all that, btw, your blog does something weird now and it's crashing IE at work)

What I find MOST interesting about this video are 2 things - first off, Whammo has a better ponytail than I do and I am hideously jealous. Secondly, the comments. Honestly, the number of people who think that a parody song that points out that "Support Our Troops" consists of more than just slapping a stupid magnetic sticker on your vehicle is somehow insurrection would be laughable, were it not so damn pathetic.

Want to support our troops? Look to the right. Click on one of the links. Send a letter, or a care package, to one of our servicemen/women overseas. Tell them you support them, that you're proud of them, that you're having meatloaf for dinner... whatever - give them another connection to the US in that sweltering hellhole.

"And the last thing that we need's another fucking ribbon on that gas guzzling S.O.B."

705 days


John Good said...

btw, your blog does something weird now and it's crashing IE at work)

What's it doing, Sew?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Libby was guilty of one thing - Loyalty to Cheney, and he lied for him.

IF...he ever sees the inside of Club Fed, figure a pardon.

Sewmouse said...

It's making pop-unders, and some weird box thing that pops up like a "help" paperclip would in Windows.

It just started the last week or so.

John Good said...

The SNap thing is a newer add-on; first problem I've heard with it.

BTW - If you need help with the YouTube posting, just email me and i can break it down. It's pretty easy, but some browsers (AOL, IE) sometimes eat half of the code.