Friday, January 05, 2007

First our phone calls - now our Snail Mail

Dear (You know who you are - No sense letting the government know too)

I heard last night that you were.. well, you know what you were - no sense letting the government know too.

I wanted to let you know that... I thought, and/or felt, something about that, but I really don't want the government to know what it was, so I can't put it in writing here.

You've always been the most... you know what you are... person I know, and I just think... some things that I'd like to keep just between you and me, so I best not write them out... But I wanted to let you know that you really are... what you know you really are... and that I feel... the way I feel about that.

Here's hoping you have a... well, you know what I mean... day.


Possibly Sewmouse... then again, perhaps not...

745 days


Anonymous said...

Funny thing is I understood that perfectly. Maybe I should work for the government.

Peacechick Mary said...

That's our gubment at work - writing laws with signing statements. This is beyond ridiculous.

John Good said...

Exactly. Sew, we'll be flying through (hahahahahahaha) your fine burg very early tomorrow. Any expressways that we should avoid? E-mail me if ya get a chance tonight!

Anonymous said...

Bah, screw the government, I will continue to say what I like.

Dear government:
You are a piece of shit. Don't like my saying that? Well the thing is.... Fuck you.

Throw me in jail and you stupid sons a bitches will have to feed me. Kill me and I will return as another person. Fucking idiots.

Anyway, sweet dreams Sew.

pekka said...

I wonder, if the President has earmarked any funds for the though monitoring research? During the dangerous times, such as this, when peace and democracy is under constant threat by the forces of evil, you should furnish your government with the unquestioned priviledge to protect your rights by giving them up. You can't go on pretending that there is no sinister thoughts that your government shouldn't be ware of.

Anonymous said...

I think snail mail is so outdated that it shouldn't make much difference. But I might send you an erotic email that they can intercept and masturbate to. :-)