Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dream On, Deciderer!

AP reports that Shrub-Boy has been "pushing for the new congress to work with him"

"It's time to set aside politics and focus on the future," said Bush.

Right. I plan a barrage of mail to Senator Obama, Senator Durbin and Representative Roskam to let them know that cooperation with the Shrub will cost them dearly come the next election cycle.

The Shrub goes on to blather about a 5-year budget that will "BALANCE THE FEDERAL BUDGET BY 2015", and chastises Congress for "pork-spending" - as if THAT was what screwed up the financial situation. The Chimp warned: "If the Congress chooses to pass bills that are simply political statements, they will have chosen stalemate. "

Well - I hope they DO send him a political statement. I hope they cut apart his budget and destroy it. I hope it is a tattered shred, unfit for use as bathroom "tissue" when they are done with it - and that the BIGGEST CUT IN SPENDING comes not from "pork", but from MILITARY SPENDING IN IRAQ.

Fuck you, George W. Bush - and the nag you rode in on. She's almost as repulsive looking as your mama.

"If a different approach is taken, the next two years can be fruitful ones for our nation," The Liar-In-Chief said. "We can show the American people that Republicans and Democrats can come together to find ways to help make America a more secure, prosperous and hopeful society."

Only if they impeach you, Cheney and Karlheinz Rove and bring our soldiers home, you lying, cheating, disgusting piece of shit.


747 Days


Peacechick Mary said...

I think they have just pushed us too far - we've gone over the edge as far as anger goes. I'm hoping things change so I can go about my life being peaceful and calm. Good rant, Sew!

Frederick said...

From the side show:

It wouldn't hurt to start reminding people that "what is partisan" and "what is good for the country" are two different issues, and it is the latter that matters. If the Republicans oppose programs that are good for the country, the Democrats have no choice but to appear "partisan" - because this isn't about being a Democrat, it's about being an American.

We need to keep push the Democratic Party to do right, and not listen to the clowns that got us where we are.

Anonymous said...

What I noticed most was that the only things Bush could think of that were important domestic issues were preserving the huge tax cuts to his wealthy friends and contributors (which don't even expire until years after he leaves office)and getting a line-item veto.

He doesn't mention domestic issues such as immigration, border security, domestic security, or any of thousands of important and neglected domestic issues facing the country. He promises to come up with a plan to balance the budget which is comical since it's not mattered to him in the least for the past six years.

He doesn't mention the war as being important at all, at least not in that speech.

P.S. I figured out what that number is at the bottom of your posts. It's the number of days remaining in Bush's term. *grin* Took me long enough.

watcher said...

I hear this from both sides. Appearing partisan doesn’t matter as long as you are doing what is right. Both sides are absolutely certain they are the ones that are right even though their positions are often absolutely opposite. It doesn’t matter if the issue is abortion, global warming, gay rights, animal rights, terrorism, immigration, security, civil rights, separation of church and state, etc. No matter the issue, both sides are absolutely right. Is someone lying? Is someone completely out of touch with reality? How can both sides be right? Perhaps the issues aren’t as important as maintaining perpetual conflict. Jahannam, Gehenna, Naraka, Sheol, Diyu, Hades, Hel, Yomi, Duat, Annwn. Perhaps we are there already.

Anonymous said...

i think it is amazing that he can lie so well with a straight face. if i listened to a damned word he said, i would be looking forward to the 'lies to the union address.' impeach and indict.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, fuck Bush, we all agree on that. But if his wife was fucking him maybe he wouldn't be such a problem. On the other hand, maybe he doesn't fuck ugly, whatever.

Anyway, don't bet that in 748 days that there won't just be another big nut at the top of the pile.

Who do you want in that office?

Kvatch said...

Hmmm... 2015 - 2007 = 8

Nope just not getting how that 5 year plan is going to do the trick.

Sewmouse said...

Well, that there is TEXAS math, Froggie

That five is BIGGER in Texas!!

pissed off patricia said...

All the war costs aren't on the budget. That's the reason they ask for appropriations for the war. At least that's the way I understand it.

Funny how he wants to be all fuzzy and snuggly with the dems now. Right before the election we were cut and runners and all sorts of evil creatures.