Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Been reading around some on a lot of blogs. Have found some interesting insights from some unusual places.

What I've really found is that those who have some concern with spirituality, whether in the form of organized religion or not, tend to talk about it to one extent or another. There are some atheists out there, who aren't concerned about it, and there are some "anti-theists" out there who seem bound and determined to be rude and obnoxious to anyone who is. What I find unfortunate is that most of the poeple who do the most of the talking are convinced, beyond any doubt, that they have found "the way" and that if everyone else isn't following THEIR path, they're wrong.

What I've seen is that each of us is given a path - a means to connect to the divine - the "deity" if you will. These paths aren't all going to be the same. There are too many things that need to be addressed, and if we all concentrate on just one of these things, while IT will become less of a problem, the rest of the world will go to hell in a handbasket.

If we only concentrate on one aspect of the whole, then everything tips wrong in another direction. In order to fix poverty, hunger, the environment, war, and everything else that needs attention, we have to work on them all at once, and that's just a bit too much to ask from anyone who can give enough to make any sort of difference to the whole. This needs to be a group effort, and each of us needs to find their own "small bit for the whole" and work at that.

I've made my choice, based on what I can personally do, and it isn't blogging. That's my outlet. This is my emotional overload safety valve. This is where my angst gets to come out and play, because it has to stay bottled up most of the time in "real life".

So if I don't seem to be paying enough attention to your personal pet project for improving the planet - understand that perhaps that's not the part of the whole that I've found to be my path. But I don't think your part sucks, just because it isn't mine - ok?

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Peacechick Mary said...

That's a cool way of putting it. We all do our own thing and it doesn't matter if each and every person nods their heads in our direction. That is what makes us liberals - we are open to new and different ideas, but we don't have to all sing the same song.

Frederick said...

Everyone's entitled to believe whatever they want...just don't legislate someone else's morality on me. Not that I'm saying you are doing that, I'm just saying...

watcher said...

Isn't it true that we all think our way of looking at things is the right way? If you didn't think your way was the way that made the most sense you would pick something else. Then the real question isn't whether you think your way is right but rather whether it's ok that someone else sees it differently.

the Sausage said...

So what is the number?

John Good said...

Great post, Sew. About the "path" and all. . .I was raised by a devoutly religious mother. She followed the true teachings of Christ and didn't wear her religion on her sleeve.

I honestly don't know what I truly beleive in, but I try to treat others right, and respect their views and basic human rights. I dislike organized religion. Does that mean I'm damned to hell? To some, perhaps. I don't need a building or fellowship to determine my actions - I have a brain, free will, and a conscience that serve me well.

Anonymous said...

My blogs are my way of venting also, I'm not much like what you see on my blogs when I'm ranting. I'm actually pretty laid back in person.

But!!! What will make the world a better place?

A collective consciousness..... Not a mish mash of beliefs and trying to honor all of them.

It's bird of a feather that stick together in large flocks that makes a difference. The others out there never do, they are just along for the ride, like it or not.

Anonymous said...

I think the major wrong-headedness people have regarding spirituality is that they think that it goes from them outward to others. It doesn't. It goes from inside to deeper inside yourself. Spirituality isn't something you display like a badge on your sleeve. It's what you know for certain inside. And it doesn't matter if another person anywhere ever believes and/or experiences what you do. If you've truly found your path and are content then that suffices.

John Good said...

This sorta falls into this discussion; at least it's a chance to use your faith/beliefs for a good purpose.

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