Friday, December 15, 2006

Rambling On

I realize over the last few posts I've been doing a lot of either kvetching or rambling on about stupid stuff that's just crossing my mind at any given moment. While this is therapeutic for my own writing muse, it probably has all y'all bored to tears, I'm sorry, mea culpa, but... deal, ok?

The winter holidays are always my very least favorite time of year. Mostly because of the disintegration and dysfunctionality of my family, but also to a lot of other issues. I hate the cold weather, and I despise snow. (Shaddup, Sausage.) I am one of those folks who don't react well if there isn't enough daylight - even the really dreary months in spring and fall can get me feeling "down".

Then there is the whole holiday thing, which feeds back into the family thing. Sort of a snowball effect there. Things aren't as dire feeling as they were a week or so ago, but I'm still feeling pretty crummy.

And so I decided to give myself an early Xmas "Holiday" present and stop fixating on the problems with politics and all. Certainly I can't give it up completely, but I'm right near that "breaking point", and I think that since one-more-thing could send me off into a cardiac incident, it's better to have at least TWO more things available so if one more happens, I have a spare. And the only thing that I can seriously control is to back off the political bandwagon until things settle down more. Not for lack of caring, but I can't really do much if I'm dead, so I'm gonna try to avoid that for a little while more.

In the meanwhile, thank you to Peacechick Mary for the SAMe advice, between that and a slight increase in the St. John's Wort, I seem to be feeling closer to myself.

Oh... Leandra.... I got your birthday present here.... *dangles present from a distance* hehehehehehe


Anonymous said...

Bah. I replied then it insisted I log in and it dumped my reply. *sigh*

I am still waiting for one of your pressies. Ticks me off since it was mailed a week and a half ago. They must be sending on the back of a dilapidated turtle.

I have been taking SAM-e for about three weeks now and it does seem to be working. I tried St. John's wort a while back and didn't get all that much in the way of a response. Then again, I'm not sure what normal feels like anyway.

Today I am piecing together potholders. I'm making 8 of them to give to various people for Christmas.

Peacechick Mary said...

SAMe doesn't work for everyone, but you may have to increase the dosage (up to 13 a day) just to get the brain chemistry balanced again. Also, Vitex, also called Chaste Berry is super excellent for women as it helps balance the hormonal thing and gives a mental clarity boost. It is also very inexpensive. Follow the directions for start up.

Kvatch said...

SAMe? (S)urface to (A)ir (M)issl(e)? You'll need a bunch of those to cure your what ails you politically. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Stupid stuff? Hey, we gotta go with what is in our brains. :-)