Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Now with more pizza.

The problem with seasonal depression is that when you're depressed you don't want to do anything but curl up in a ball, which works but doesn't get the laundry done, the groceries purchased or the home-chores done.

Seems like every tiny thing I do during this time of year is an "accomplishment" - even if its just taking out the trash or emptying the dishwasher.

So last nite I paid bills, then treated myself to a pizza because the thought of tuna salad again was just too much to bear. I really need to get to the market again. I wish there was a market-delivery service around here that would deliver in the evening and didn't cost an arm and a leg and several major internal organs, so I could just shop online.

I'd also like to be able to work from home and telecommute so I can work in my bunny slippers. But that ain't gonna happen. We have this mean VP who won't let me.


In other news:

It seems that several of my favorite bloggers have just up and disappeared. I wish they wouldn't do that. Deleting your blog is, of course, your perogative, but it just seems like saying "fuck you all, you're all scum". Saying "bye" would be nice. I know that when life-changing events happen, sometimes the inner depression just makes us go for the insta-kill button. But it feels like losing a friend sometimes, even though I don't know all of ya all that well.

I've also noticed a kind of sad trend among women bloggers particularly - when they decide they've been insulted or given a hard time by someone, they lash out and post some really nasty stuff about those others on their blogs. Low class, Girls. If they piss you off that bad - just ignore them. Don't read their blogs, don't comment, just disappear. Drawing nasty cartoons or posting mean things is just crude and says a lot more about YOU than it ever will about them.

Just sayin'.

BBC - your blog won't let me log in to comment. kick it please.


Anonymous said...

I guess I handle depression differently. I do things, sitting and feeling sorry for myself has never worked for me. Some times I write a lot.

Yum, pizza, that sounds really good. There are two stores close to me so shopping is no big deal. Not that I buy much, a lot of free food comes to me.

A study rain here, not heavy really, just study. 41.6 degrees, not bad, and I'll just enjoy the rain, it gives me an excuse to not work outside. :-)

betmo said...

hey- did you take over my life? the weather does have much to do with my mood- and my mother's health. i know what you mean about the norman rockwell fantasy of white christmases and happy times. mostly, my life is more like chevy chase's in national lampoon's cmas vacation :) blogging is a contact sport. trust me- i know. it is easy to get your panties in a bunch- but not as easy to stick by what you say and take the high road. if you must quit- at least say so. i know what you mean about making the circuit and whoops! joe schmoo isn't there anymore. hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll delete my one blog post tomorrow because I don’t feel like being small enough to leave it there. I’ll leave that shit up to the little people. I just think that what is fair is fair. I've never said anything to that woman that should have made her mad at me, it's just the way she saw it and turned it around. And she never even tried to work it out with me, the misunderstanding. We’re moving on over here at Polly’s Honky Tonk Saloon and Whorehouse.

I said that I do things when I'm depressed, I didn't say I do the housework. LOL

Sorry you can't leave a comment at my place. *Kicking blogger*

DivaJood said...

Sometimes blogs disappear because the blogger decides to leave blogger and start anew somewhere else. (Was that in English?)

Seasonal depression also seems to be a light disorder, and if you need to do so, get a lightbox with daylight bulbs. They actually do help. So does getting out into sunlight when it shows up.

I feel ya, Sewmouse, but keep on keeping on. I go through it myself, along with severe joint pain.

Peacechick Mary said...

I was reading an account that said this year in particular, more people are suffering from holiday blues - just can't get the ol' engine cranked up. The number one reason was the war and our stooooopppid President. The other reason is that people see through all the fake hoopla and just don't want to get involved in it and then feel guilty or down. So, you are not alone, one bit. The majority of us are grumpy and down. Pizza sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

The whole world is kind of crazy right now, thanks to our stupid leaders and the other nut cases out there.

I use florescent lights that don't use much power and I have them on 24 hours a day.

Kvatch said...

BBC - your blog won't let me log in to comment. kick it please.

Bunch of us are having this problem. I notice that Beta-blogs aren't allowing comments from people whose own blogs aren't beta. (Something to do with a Blogger vs. a Google account, I think.)

pissed off patricia said...

I'm afraid some day my blog will just be gone. That has happened three times so far since I started blogging. Thankfully a wise person told me what to do to get it back so, so far so good. It's scary to click on a link to your site and find a blank screen.

The battle about whether to switch to beta is bugging me all the time. Not being a total brain with this stuff makes me anxious.

I know what you mean about every little effort feeling like you have made a major accomplishment. I'm dragging around here too. So much I should be doing and so little will to do it.

As for trolls and such, I just ignore them. If someone leaves me a really ugly comment I just tell myself at least they read what I wrote. :)

Anonymous said...

You might as well switch to beta, it will take some time and work and there will be a learning curve, but you will get it working again. And some of it is better when they aren't screwing up.

Or simply start a new blog somewhere else, I'm going to do that anyway, and then just leave a link on my Blog Spot blog to it.

Don't delete you're blog, just make your last post a link. Hugs.