Friday, December 22, 2006

More swearing!

A Virginia Representative is having kittens over the fact that a new congressman from Minnesota wants to hold a koran at his swearing-in rather than a bible.


What really gets to me is that this guy cannot see what a flaming hypocrite he is. Here is a man who is NOT demanding that ANYONE else use a koran - he just wants to use HIS holy book, rather than someone else's. The Virginia Good Ol' Boy says things like "You won't see ME putting my hand on a koran!!" Guess what, Skippy? NOBODY"S ASKING YOU TO.

Now what I found most interesting was a comment made by Charles Osgood on the radio this morning on the way to work. It seems that for many years, there have not been individual swearing-in ceremonies for members of Congress. What they do is they have them come up in groups, nobody puts their hands on anything, and if you see an individual swearing-in thing, it's just faked for a photo-0p.

So all this hoo-hah from the Fair State of Virginia is just that - hoo-hah.

But what gets me is the hypocrisy - it's FINE for the so-called "gentleman" from Virginia to force the Congressman from Minnesota to put his hand on a so-called "holy book" that he does not espouse, but it's just WRONG for anyone to want to force the "gentleman" from Virginia to put HIS hand on a koran.

Especially when nobody is forcing anyone to put their hands on anything.

Hell - they should all just put their hands on their genitalia - it's what they seem to think with, and worship, the most!

759 days.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't swear on either of those books. You know what I keep saying. Life is like a can of mixed nuts.

And more have worked their way to the top to replace those that are tumbling the mountain.

Next, we will just be deciding which nuts for vote for.

Bah.... Monkeys.....

Off to start on my retreat now.

Peacechick Mary said...

Hands on the genitilia! What a hoot. I like that one, just so they don't make me do it for them. That would make a good Monty Phyton type skit - where the person being sworn in has to put his hands on the genitilia of the person administering the oath. could make some funny skits outta that one.

pekka said...

Holy crap!, the "honorable gentleman" from Virginia is propably making a few toothless, cousin loving, jug playing, Bambi killing, knuckle dragging, sloping foreheaded and mouth breathing constituents of his real proud by standing up for "them there values"!

Anonymous said...

you go girl!! you hit it right on the--- head :)