Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fear Friday Nite

So I'm driving home Friday nite. The roads are fairly clear - they're a little slippery still, however.

I keep a long distance, and try to stay moving as much as possible. Until I'm about a mile from my house.

Got to a stoplight. Thank the Goddess, I got to a stoplight. Some obvious mental retard runs the light and spins out in the lane next to me, about 100 yards downfield.

Flying all over the road, back and forth like a fucking windshieldwiper - and then spins and smashes into 3 cars in the lane going the opposite direction, flys back across the road and FINALLY stops in a snowdrift.

THIS is why I want to deport everyone who was born south of the Mason-Dixon.

So, I crawl up to where they are, roll down the window and ask if anyone is hurt. The mexican with the baby who is getting out of the van and heading to the Wendys gives me a "no comprende" look. THIS is why we need to deport all the wetbacks.

I've stayed in the house doing house stuff so far this weekend. I'll check the roads today and see if it's safe to go grocery shopping later this morning.

I hate winter.


Anonymous said...

So you're cranky also hey? :-)

Well at least you are okay.

Don't like, umm, wetbacks? It's not a persons nationality that bothers me. It's simply the fact that I'm surrounded by idiots. Hugs.

John Good said...

I'm with bbc on this one. As Bill Engvall once requested,"stupid people should have to wear a sign". . . ;)

Anonymous said...

Is that the accident you saw when you were talking to me? Sounds nasty as hell.

Today is going well so far. Got the house in a semblance of order except for my own room (that's next). The house is warming up. Daughter is out so I can clean without tripping over her. Dogs are driving me nuts.

Oh btw I am keeping my word. I will make an appointment tomorrow to go in for those two matters I talked to you about. I've also contacted both the Senior center and the health club. Have to wait to see if a miracle happens and I get this job I was submitted on. Would allow me to sock beaucoup bucks into the bank. Wish me luck.

The Dark One said...

Christ, mouse.. one would think Chitowners have never seen snow before, something I find hard to believe.

Sounds like some of our southern brethren.. they get 1/2 an inch and they declare a state of emergency.