Monday, December 04, 2006

Faith Without Works is Dead

So said my religion teachers when I was a child.

I saw in the news today an item where Slick Willy Clinton was in India receiving a bouquet of flowers from a very short little kid who has AIDS. Seems the Clinton Foundation (or something like that...) has been working to find ways to help stop the proliferation of AIDS in the world.

It seems to me that I remember Jimmy Carter lugging around a hammer and doing an awful lot of work on Habitats for Humanity.

Then I tried to think of what works I'd seen from the Party of Family Values. Ronnie Raygun and Wife did do some lip-service toward getting kids not to use drugs, although "Just say No" is about as effective as using a teacup to empty the ocean, but... it was SOMETHING.

I don't recall ANYTHING from Bush Sr. - except for posing for photo-ops with Mr. Clinton during the Katrina disaster.
I certainly don't remember anything from Nixon
Nor do I remember anything other than bad golf from Gerald Ford.

So where are all these "faith based initiatives" that Shrubbie is hollering about?


Yep. Thought so.


pissed off patricia said...

Yeah, bush sr rode around on bill's coat tails after Katrina. That was about it for him.

This faith based shit is nothing but a cover so no one will suspect you of being a crook.

Democrats seem to have a built in good gene and Repubs seem to have a built in crook gene. Two more years and hopefully we can add one more good gene to the oval office.

Peacechick Mary said...

Yeah. The faith based thing was to get the fake faith based vote and then they threw our tax money to outsource programs to faith based organizations. The Salvation Army was one of them and they hoped to get some protection from the feds on discrimination issues.

John Good said...
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John Good said...

Sew - Check out the posting from David Kuo (From Bush's faith based initiatives dept) on my blog today. I can't seem to get the link to work properly, probably ME. =)

Kvatch said...

Based on "works" alone, Carter should be admitted to some sort of "uber-heaven". Clinton may well go that route as well. Though Carter gets the nod in my book. Any man who goes about his post presidential life with a hammer in his hand, is my kind of do-godder.

Anonymous said...

Well geez, I really should say something.

I'll bet it was some idiot Christian that invented the term 'faith based', they're big fucking promoters you know. Hugs

betmo said...

now- that's not fair. he did invade iraq to liberate the country from those awful heathen muslims.