Saturday, October 21, 2006

Offline for a week or so

Well, in about 20 minutes time, I'm getting in my car and heading out for sunny FLA. Hopefully sunny, that is. It's been dismal damp and overcast here. I can use some sun.

My internet access will probably be sketchy at best, and while I'm bringing the laptop and lots of cords and stuff - I can't guarantee how long I will be online for any given session (if at all)

So I leave you with this - our "Illustrious Leader", the Deciderer, has decided that he's not going to do anything to change an already proven failure of a "stragerty".

Reminds me of the "Palistinian Suicide Bombers"

Leader: "Achmed! Here, strap this explosive to your chest, then we will get our own country!"
Achmed: "Allahu Akbar!!! " KABLOOOIEEEE

*Israel ups their defense*

Leader: "Ok, that didn't quite go as planned. Fahjool! Here is more dynamite! Go blow yourself up in the marketplace - Then they will give us our own country!!"
Fahjool: "For the Prophet (PBUH)!!!! " KABOOM!!

*Israel begins shelling harder*

Leader: "Rashid!!! Here! Strap this dynamite on yourself......"

The Militant Extremist Moslems already know everything about "Stay the Course".

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