Thursday, October 19, 2006

Racism, Part II

When Martin Luther King was alive and working to fight for civil rights for ALL people, not just the priviliged white majority, the word "Racism" had teeth and meaning. The concept of "Separate but Equal" was never a reality, and anyone who lived through those times knows this damn well. "Whites Only" bathrooms, drinking fountains, movie theaters and other facilites were wrong, and the abolishment of them was a GOOD thing.

Unfortunately Martin Luther King was cut down in his prime by an idiot redneck who couldn't accept change. In exchange, what we got was Jesse Jackson, a sing-songy, manipulative parody of Dr. King, who has done more to KEEP true Racism alive in this country than almost any other individual - with the possible exception of Louis Fahrakan. We can all thank James Earl Ray (take your conspiracy theories elsewhere - the man was convicted.)for "Political Correctness". Had Dr. King survived and Jesse been relegated to a well-deserved background role, such silliness as "reparations" and the insistance on revising the State flag of Georgia would likely never have occurred.

Jesse Jackson began the "victimization" of the black community (oops! Did I say black? What IS the euphenism for Negro this week? African American? Person of Colour?)and continues to brand his own people as weak, helpless and unable to stand up for themselves and overcome adversity. Therefore, they "NEED" affirmative action, and anything ANYONE does or says to make them feel bad is "Racist".

Bite me. We all come into this world the same way - naked and screaming. We all leave this world the same way - stiff and silent. It is what we each CHOOSE to do with the time we are allotted that governs our worth as human beings. Nobody ever promised any of us that we would NEVER be offended, that we would NEVER feel bad, that we would NEVER be uncomfortable. Welcome to Schoolhouse Earth.

Racial profiling has come under attack by many groups over the last 10 years. While I am entirely aware of the potential for abuse, I think that refusing to allow law-enforcement officials to utilize a perfectly valid investigative tool, simply to avoid making someone "feel bad" for a short while is ludicrous.


betmo said...

racial profiling when you have a clear description of the suspect is not really the same as targeting all members of one race simply because something might happen sometime. i hear what you are saying but it has been proven time and again that law enforcement has abused this technique. pulling over black men for no reason other than they are driving a nice car is not probable cause. strip searching arabs at the airport simply because you think that they might be terrorists negates the fact that most acts of terrorism in the united states occurred at the hands of white folks. i think that that is why there is such a backlash. now, i didn't read the whole go back and forth in your previous post. i am just commenting on this one. i do know that racism is alive and well in america and it is no less prevalent than before the civil rights movement. it is sometimes more subtle but recently has been becoming more mainstream again. black folks and brown folks are the heavy targets- again.

Anonymous said...

"(oops! Did I say black? What IS the euphenism for Negro this week? African American? Person of Colour?)"

I'm sure "nigger" would be a good term for you to use.

Sewmouse said...

Oh lookie!
Another coward too afraid of being seen to be an asshat and posting as "Anonymous"

Well, Anonymous - You obviously are mentally deficient, and have severe reading comprehension issues. Quite honestly, I have no intention of using a definately emotionally-charged and specifically derogatory term. Although I will call you a dickless wonder for hiding behind "anonymous" rather than putting out an identity.

See - "Negro" is a perfectly legitimate term - in the same way as is "Caucasian" or "Oriental". It is merely a descriptive term for a specific group of people who share similar physical characteristics. Just as "Towheads" refers to a specific group of people who share similar physical characteristics of hair color. (Not towelhead, you moron. Yes, I know damn well you thought it because you're that much of an ignorant GIT)

OTOH - I do know of someone who used that perjorative deformation of the word "Negro" - repeatedly, even, in an open forum on a gaming site.

So - is that you, Mike the Drunk? Trying to be "clever" through your alcholic haze?