Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Day Without (illegal) Immigrants

Well, yesterday was the "boycott" day that the illegal invaders of our country staged to "prove we need them".

Traffic was just wonderful! I breezed into work and back home without even 1/2 the usual congestion. I'd say that bodes well for being able to deal without having illegal aliens in the country!

At work, we had normal activity, the plant ran smoothly, and there really wasn't anything at all that was inconvenienced. Guess we don't "need" any illegals for that!

On the way home, I stopped to buy some food from a fast-food place and got excellent service, the person at the drive-up was polite and spoke EXCELLENT English! I could understand every word, and my order was assembled quickly and correctly.

I also stopped for gas, and picked up a few odds and ends that needed to be purchased - since I wanted the retailers to know that they would still have customers, even if the ILLEGAL ALIENS weren't there to shoplift.

It was just wonderful, a whole day without the illegales.

Maybe they should make it a week! A month!! A year!!! How about a DECADE? Or even better - a CENTURY WITHOUT ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!

Ahh... bliss.

Edit in: Please note, this only applies to folks who illegally enter this country - without doing the RIGHT thing and following the procedures to enter legally. Immigrants who come here and do all the correct procedures, no matter WHERE their country of origin - are most welcome and appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

while i do agree, i cant help but wonder if it is all that nessasary, due to the fact that all the 9-11 terrorists had entered this country LEGALLY.

just some food for thought