Friday, April 28, 2006


My new shoes squeek. I sound like an NBA player walking around in the office. This isn't the "squeak squeak" of stiff soles - this is the SQUEAK!!! SQUEEEEEKKKKK!!!! of rubber soles on linoleum flooring. I can't sneak up on people. *pout*

I spent $14 I shouldn't have done - but I couldn't resist. I got a LavaLamp. I know, I know - how RETRO 70's and STUPID!! But it has green blobby lava in blue juice, and it looks cute. Always wanted one. Waste of money, but...

Tomorrow I'm going to the nursery and pick up some new perennials for the garden(s). I've already decided I need lots more lilies, a WHITE bleeding-heart, and maybe some daisies. Terry next door says he knows this guy who is a landscaper and might could help us out some with fixing up our front area and making it look spiffy. Since it seems as if everything I plant in the front there does really bad except for geraniums, I'm only gonna buy some geraniums for there this year and see about getting perennials in there after the landscaper guy does something... anything!!

I am absolutely starving for a "turtle" blizzard from DQ - but the DQ here in Elmhurst has the most incompetent counter help, so I'll wait until I get near one near home - or stop in at Baskin Robbins and get their equivalent.

I'm thinking of replacing my bedroom curtains. I've had these same window coverings now for over 10 years. I am thinking something more "bright and cheerful" - perhaps yellow, pink and green? I am also thinking of removing ALL the old hardware and putting in new. Getting rid of the broken old mini-blinds and putting up some really nice curtains.

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Croila said...

Ooooh, I bought a lava lamp a couple of years ago. I probably used it about three times - it took so darn long for the wax to heat up and start doing its thing, the lamp just gathered dust and I never used it any more. I ended up giving it to a charity shop, just to get rid of it!