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Saturday, October 15, 2005

More Plumbing Woes

Ok, so I got the drain apart from underneath, sorta. And there was some gunk in one of the pipes, so I took a coathanger apart and "goosed" it out into the bucket. Then I reconnected the pipes, ran a bit of water, and watched it go down. Yay, it went down.....

Into the bucket.

So I tightened the pipe fittings a bit more, and it still was pouring out... so I looked... and the drain lining - the one shaped sorta like a funnel? has cracks in it. Not just cracks, mind you - but cracks that I can see the daylight thru from underneath the sink. Not good. Wet.

Now I have Susan telling me to use Duct Tape (Susan is from Tennessee, where everything is fixed with Duct Tape). I am thinking of going to Menards tomorrow and seeing what I can find in the plumbing department. And I am hating plumbing even more.

One good thing out of all this - when the sink had water in it, I was hearing some "glugg" kind of noises from the drain - so MAYBE the clog is opening up ?? One can but hope. I hate plumbing.

I really really hate plumbing.


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