Friday, October 14, 2005

Plumbing Suxxors

My kitchen sink is 1/2 clogged up. It's a 2-bowl sink, and the left side is bad, the right side works fine.

So there's this tangle of PVC pipe under the sink in the cupboard, and the left side is now leaking. I've taken part of it apart, but no clog. Next I'll need to run something through the remainder part (it's all put together in a squiggly Y sort of deal to the outside drain), and try to loosen up whatever is clogging it.

I suppose it is stray noodles and beans that sneak down the sink when I'm draining them, even though I'm careful to NOT let them out. Some of them make a break for freedom and slide down before I can catch them. Probably a bit of grease too, although I throw bacon grease in the trash, not the sink!

I hate plumbing though. I like carpentry, and I am ok with electrical, but plumbing suxxors. I hope I don't have to go buy more PVC pipe. Do I have to get some tape or something? I HATE PLUMBING!!!!!

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