Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I hate computers sometimes

This past weekend would be one of them.

My OS on the main box (yeah, yeah win98se - deal with it) went tits-up and died. I suspect foul play. (Virii)

I've spent hours trying to fix it up, to no real avail. It's kind of like a great big electronic black hole right now. I can put stuff in - I can see it in there - but there's no way to get it OUT.

I'll work on it again later when I'm less angry over it.

Anyhow - a dear friend lent me the money to buy a new system. It's lovely. Big hard drive (for the moment - undoubtedly it will be MUCH too small eventually..) and speedy lil' processor. The only downside is that the OS is.. *gag**choke**barf* WinXP


Tonite maybe I will be able to see about reloading some of my programs.

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