Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I have seen the Enemy

Damn grey cat. And me without a bb gun...

It was prowling around the back yards this morning as I drove off for work. No longer a small grey cat - it has grown huge and fat. I suspect that it WAS the thing that was crapping in my plant pots. Grrrrrrrrrr.

It is supposed to get down around 32 F tonite, so I will have to find something to cover up the pots for the peas and the beans. The squash seeds are deep enough and in the mud, so even if it does frost, they should be OK. I can just put the lid back onto the lettuces box.

I am thinking of making a stick teepee for the peas pot if they look to be too leggy and vine-y once they get going strong. I have a few old sticks, and if I put them into the pot and tie them together at the top with baling twine, it should work.

So I did some more work on the Quilt that Shall Not Be Named (Yet) although it actually does have a name, just can't put it here in case a certain happy scottish medical type decides to read a bit. I don't know what is slowing me down so much. I've gotten energy back in other venues - just not this yet. Things that make me go hmmmmm.


Sunflower seeds are yummy, but for some reason sunflowers themselves kind of gross me out. Something about the seeds in the flower in the circles and bees and guts and gore and yes, I know that is rambling and makes no sense, but neither does my gross-out from sunflowers, so there, neener neener neener. I get grossed out in a similar way by some automotive grille-work. Dunno why.

Nope. Not gonna plant sunflowers.


Anonymous said...

Crapping in your plant pots? Not a cool thing. There's got to be some way to keep that cat away.

I'm getting potting soil tomorrow, planting sunflowers, too. They don't creep me out. ;)

Croila said...

Cats crapping in the plant pots? God that's horrible! I guess those were the critters you referred to in your other post. Ugh. Yep, a gun would do it. I like cats, but not crapping-in-plant-pot cats!

Croila said...

PS: I loathe sunflowers. They're too big and creepy looking. I don't like big plants with big bits - after seeing the Little Shop of Horrors years ago, I was traumatised and left with an irrational fear of Big Plants. And sunflowers definitely fall into the Big Plants category. *shudder*