Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Clutching my pearls

Actually, replacing my clutch. *sigh* There is a reason why the Little Blue Neon was being bad. Finally the clutch has gone. As, apparently, so shall my tax refund. Expensive car repair. However, 11 year old car, the clutch was original equipment, so I can't say it went too soon.

Not too happy about it, but it COULD have been worse, so I'll deal. The car will run again come tomorrow nite - but I'm having to impose on Co-Worker "D" again, which I hate.

Just for Croila - photos from the gardening project:

This first one is a very "before" photo, showing the ravages of winter on the former perennial flowers-only garden part. On the right side you can just manage to see the "Octopus" tentacles growing up and to the right out of the frame. All the pots are now out and the last-year foliage trash has been ripped out.

Now, of pure interest value - here is the blue Pot O'Dirt - in which there ARE pea seeds unsprouted as yet:

Here is my make-shift "cold frame" for my lettuces. It is actually just a clear plastic box with a white lid on top of my air conditioner compressor - but it seems to be working:

And to prove it is working - here is a photo of my baby lettuces:

Obviously, this is only "exciting" to me - but it is progress, and all progress is good, even if some of it is slow. I can't wait to see how the lettuces do. I hope they do well. I need a shot of "good" after the word on the Little Blue Neon. *sigh*

Oh - btw - Dear White Castle Advertising Agency Guys:

The term "Sliders"? The one you are bragging about selling in your recent advertisements? Umm, guys? That's NOT a compliment. The original usage for "Sliders" was that they slid right through your digestive system - coming out as fast or faster than they went in.

It's a "bad thing". Just FYI and all.


BBC said...

It is actually just a clear plastic box with a white lid on top of my air conditioner compressor.

Most of that outside unit is actually air conditioner (heat pump)condenser assembly, the pump itself isn't very big.

A piece of glass on the box might be better than the white lid.

Jihad Punk said...

Hello babe...sorry for my's a long and very boring story that entails me having to work for a living - which really goes against the grain!!!...;-)

4D xx

Sewmouse said...

You're probably right on that lid bit, BBC, but there's 2 reasons why I won't do it. 1) it costs more money, and I'm trying to do this entirely on the cheap, and 2) the critters that get into my back yard who might push it off and break it (glass everywhere? no thanks!) I don't have a grassy area to put the box, so if a sheet of glass fell, it would be right onto the concrete patio.

As it is right now, I've had the lid off for a week. The weather has been perfect and the lettuces are getting their 2nd set of leaves.

Croila said...

Ooooh, thank you for the photos Sewmouse, and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to come and see them! I think my Google Reader is playing up.

The lettuces are looking good! What sort of "critters" get them, though? Is it slugs and snails, or anything bigger??

It's not only exciting to you, you know. I'm nosy. I love to see how my friends' gardens are going!

Oh, has your makeshift cold frame got ventilation for the lettuce seedlings? Just in case they get mildewed and start damping off?