Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Truth - it BURNS

So in my continuing attempt to understand the "Tea Party" mentality, I read some comments on a few articles about how things are "going to change" now that the Party of NO is in the majority in the federal House of Representatives.

One commenter gloated on how "Boehner will repeal Obamacare". Um..... how? Is this poor, deluded fool thinking that the Great Orange Man, Speaker Boehner, will wave his magic gavel and say "I REPEAL THEE" and it is undone?

Sorry, Snookiedimples - in order to repeal "Obamacare", the House will have to pass ANOTHER law repealing the previous law, and then it will also have to pass the Senate (unlikely), and then.. get this... President Obama would have to SIGN it - because there are no way, no how, enough votes for a veto override. And just exactly what chances do you think there are that President Obama would sign a bill that overrides the very legislation he has hitched his entire Presidential Legacy® upon?




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