Monday, January 10, 2011

Faces of Murderers

This weekend, the beautiful little girl shown above was brutally murdered while trying to learn about the American system of government and meet with her congressional representative. A lone gunman has been arrested and charged with murdering other people who were around her at the time, and attempting to murder the Congresswoman who was meeting with her constituents.

Although that gunman may have pulled the trigger, I submit the following for your consideration.

In 1971 Charles Manson was sentenced to death (later changed to life in prison) for a crime he did not personally commit - the crime of murder.

Charles Manson was convicted of murdering people he never touched - except by his words, which inspired his followers to murder the LaBiancas and the people at Sharon Tate's house. Charlie didn't kill them, his minions did, but Charlie, as seen above, is still in jail, convicted of murder.

Using this as a guideline, I present the following photographs of other murderers, these who are NOT behind bars, but who have used words that inspired their followers to murder:
Darling of the "Tea Party", Sarah Palin managed to get herself a reprimand from John McCain's campaign for her inflamatory rhetoric which caused her followers to scream out things like "KILL HIM" (with reference to then-Candidate Obama) at her pep rallys campaign stops. Just a few months ago, her website featured a gun-sight cross-hairs of Gabrielle Giffords district, as well as her famous "Don't retreat, reload!" comment.

Sarah - in the court of Sewmouse Justice - you stand convicted of the premeditated murder of 9 year old Christina Green, U.S. District Judge John Roll, Gabe Zimmerman, Dorothy Morris, Dorwin Stoddard, and Phyllis Schneck and the attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Sharron Angle of Nevada. Not only guilty of misspelling the name Sharon, but of promoting "Second Amendment Remedies" for imagined first-amendment iniquities. One of Sarah Palin's heralded "Momma Grizzlys" - obviously a terrorist term if I've ever heard one - Sharron Angle, in the court of Sewmouse Justice you are found GUILTY of the premeditated murder of 9 year old Christina Green, U.S. District Judge John Roll, Gabe Zimmerman, Dorothy Morris, Dorwin Stoddard, and Phyllis Schneck and the attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Now, not to beat a dead horse (although I don't know if it would do Trigger any harm if I were to beat on him) - I shall just post photos of some of the other people who murdered Christina Taylor Green and the others by their wanton use of violent rhetoric:

Rupert Murdoch - Murderer

Bill O'Reilly - Murderer
Sean Hannity - Murderer

Rush Limbaugh - Murderer

Glenn Beck - Murderer

Michelle Bachmann - Murderer

Ann Coulter - Murderer

Ok, Vincent Bugliosi - get in there, get active and get these murderers brought to justice.


pistom said...

Mouse... you are so full of crap and rhetoric. You think this was purely political? Do some research. The guy was a nutbag, one that his own friends said was a far left winger. I'm not disputing that Palin is an idiot, but she did not kill that little girl. Neither did your agenda driven collection of right winger talking heads. That crazy guy killed them. You disrespect the dead and dying by politicizing it with these slippery slope arguments of yours.

Furtheron said...

Sad days....

when in 1996 a mad man went on a killing spree in Dunblane with a handgun we (in the UK) outlawed them.

A handgun has only one purpose - to kill or maim humans. There is limited sport use but then have the guns at a gun club, locked up and left there.

A politician (Stephen Timms) was stabbed last year in a protest by a woman over the Iraq war and Mr Timms voting in favour of the invasion.

He survived, she was over powered - but it was a knife and therefore the incident controlled - if we had guns available at corner shops over here I expect an outcome similar to last weeks in Arizona would have happened.

Sewmouse said...

Sarah Palin killed that little girl as sure as if she had pulled the trigger herself.

The right-wing murderers in the media would like you to THINK he is a left-wing nutjob, Piston - but I will never believe it.

This was murder by words - no less than Charlie Manson - and Sarah Palin is guilty as hell.

All of these right-wingers have the blood of Christina Green on their hands.

rauf said...

Sarah Palin has followers ? Wow !

History is full of murderers who went scot free Sew, people who were directly or indirectly responsible for riots, murders, loot and arson by delivering inflammatory or hate speeches inciting violence. Politicians, now the irresponsible news casters are equally responsible even if they don't stab or pull the trigger. their hands are full of blood.