Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spending Money

This last weekend I went shopping. I bought a new chair for my computer desk because the old one broke and I am sick and tired of getting backache from sitting on a metal folding chair. I went to Office Max and sat in EVERY single chair they had. I ended up buying the 2nd best one there - because the very best one cost twice as much and was only a TINY bit comfier.

Then I went to the mall. It was really rather sad. More than 1/2 of the stores were out of business. I broke down and went into Macy's - which I swore I'd never do when they bought out Marshall Field's and changed the name (and I won't go back - the only things I ever bought at Field's were good leather gloves, cooking equipment and Frango mints). They did NOT have the cooking pan I wanted, but there WAS a sale on bedding, so I purchased my first set of 450 thread-count pima cotton bed linens.




It's like sleeping in a cloud. They're so SOFT!! I want to get at least 1, maybe 2 more sets. One for the wash, one for the bed, one for the linens closet.

I ended up getting a replacement pan for the one that gave it's life in the Great Kitchen Chicken Fiasco at K-Mart. It's a nice enough pan, and it's actually a double-boiler so I can melt chocolate and stuff like that without doing a stupid balancing act with 2 pots and a rubberband.

By the time I got home, I was toast. I haven't gone power-shopping like that in years. Traipsing all around through the (shudder) Mall and all was quite exhausting. After wrestling my purchases into the house (the chair box was VERY heavy and exceedingly awkward), I made myself a huge glass of iced tea, smashed my toe into the chair box, swore vigorously and then plunked myself down on the sofa and read for several hours.

The toe is bruised, the chair is still unassembled, (although in progress), and the sheets are... heaven.


Croila said...

Hello Sewmouse, it's been ayyyyyyges! Great to drop and see what you're up to, though, cause I've not been in the blogosphere for a while now.

The sheets sound divine! Although I am shuddering at the concept of "power-shopping". Very traumatic, I expect.

Four Dinners said...

love yer babe xxxx

Nowt and nobody keeps Dinners down for long.....

Fuck me! I'm actually teaching maniacs to drive cars!!!!

...oh eck...