Thursday, July 08, 2010

I need more hands and another body or 3.

And the energy of an ADHD toddler.

Things are slowly improving at La Casa de Sewmouse. I have had another "burst" of energy, and used it fairly well. The upstairs is in muh better shape, the downstairs still needs a lot of work.

However. My biggest concern right now is my quilt dilemma. I have 3 quilts that I use for my own sleepingness. Veggie I, The Yellow Thing, and Turquoise Stars. The Yellow Thing has issues, as it was the VERY FIRST quilt that I ever made, and I kind of... well... I was stupid then, and I used whatever fabric I had to hand which was, unfortunately, made of all sorts of fibers, and now a lot of the squares from it are just falling apart into clumps of yuk.

It isn't all that hard to fix, since all I need to do is sew another patch of fabric over the one that has disintegrated. Unfortunately, this has to be done by hand in order to not make an utter crap mess of the entire quilt. Also, this is the quilt I assembled and quilted 100% by hand, so I am loath to use any newfangled technological claptrap like a sewing machine on it.

Turquoise Stars also has the disintegration problem. Again due to injudicious fabric selection during my noobie quilter period. I've already patched over one of the stars, but it appears at least 4 more (possibly more) may need attention as well. These stars are BIG, (18") and have to be hand-repaired also to avoid puckering on the reverse. *sigh*

Veggie I has only 1 bad spot - but it is the central square of a rather specific pattern, and AS GODDESS IS MY WITNESS - I do not have even so much as a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece of that fabric left in the old stashola - so I'll have to patch the ENTIRE pattern with a new, similar, fabric.


I would LOVE to use the Ocean quilt in the meanwhile, however that one is off the frame while I work on Kal's Surprise quilt (which after all this time, I suspect he will consider the surprise to be that he actually gets it at all... *slaps self*)

I only thought about the Ocean quilt this morning because co-worker M has a big bag of goldfish crackers on his desk.

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