Friday, May 07, 2010

My Maserati does 185....

Wow. Never saw one of those before! An actual Maserati - driving down the street in the lane next to me. Pretty blue with silver shineys on it. I don't think it was Joe Walsh. $125,000 dollar car. Imagine that. You could buy TWO of my house for that much.

WTF it was doing in Bloomingdale is beyond me. While Bloomingdale does have it's share of lawyers and assholes and business owners (was that redundant?) it has never been what I would consider a hot-spot of Maserati ownership. Perhaps this was a STRANGER in a Maserati. Sounds like a great title for a cheap, trashy murder mystery.

I got called a motherfucker this morning. I find this interesting. Most guys don't refer to women as motherfuckers. Bitch, etc, yes - but motherfucker is usually reserved for other males. Of course, this was a wetback* who screeched it at me, so perhaps it is a cultural thing.

He was not the guy driving the Maserati. Just in case there was any confusion about that. He was the passenger in an older-model conversion van with dingleballs hanging from the top of the windshield. Not to be stereotypical or anything... At least he wasn't playing Mexican Oompah Polka.

So Comcast sent me a new modem. Apparently my old modem is antiquated. It certainly is big and clumsy and ugly as sin. So they want me to replace it with this new modem. The letter inside the box says to follow the directions in the enclosed booklet. Right. The enclosed booklet is for someone who does not have Comcast set up yet. My guess is that if I followed their instructions they'd reset my home page to, erase all my bookmarks, and add a bunch of annoying toolbars. So I did the online chat thing with "Jennifer" this morning who says I can just plug-n-play the new modem. Will try it tonite. Better to do it tonite than discover tomorrow that I can't get into the weekend raid group!

*Yes, I know it is un-PC for me to call him a wetback. I have no proof that he's a potential member of the Mexican Olympic Team. It is rude and unkind of me to suggest it. Unfortunately, that is the risk he took by calling me a motherucker. Paybacks are, like me, a bitch.

218 of 625. Would have been more, but I BROKE the needle!


rauf said...

Never seen a Meserati on the roads here SEW, 185 is death for many here, not just for the driver.

My modem is outdated too and it seems it can't handle all the new stuff the broadband offers. So many new things that i am not aware of.
you download something free, you have to be careful not to install their tool bar. All these small devils are sitting in your computer

Hope you are fine Sew.

BBC said...

Your house is only worth $62,500.00?

Hell, my place is worth close to that and it's a piece of shit. But it's nice that it's a free and clear piece of shit.

As for the pecker extension car, fuck it.

BBC said...

I reserve the right to delete any comments I find objectionable. I'm a bitch that way.

I love you when you run over me like a road grader. LOL

Really, I'm sorry that we came to a bump. Really, I really am.