Monday, May 24, 2010

Hmm. I wonder if this thing still works?

Ok, yes, I am a lazy blogger. Whatever.

There's a lot going on at work, a lot going on at home, and just so many hours in the day.

How about that Rand Paul, huh? What an interesting (Translation: Idiotic) person! Apparently he thinks that there should be NO government regulations at all on any "private business". So there should be no consequences for BP, there should be no oversight on the financial markets, there should be no reason for Woolworths to let dark-skinned people eat at their lunch counters. Take this a step further - and I do honestly believe that Rand Paul is just FINE with child pornographers - it is their private business, and if enough people are disgusted by it, it will magically go away, even without government involvement.

Did you hear that, Glenn Beck? Rand Paul supports Child Pornography!

Speaking of BP - Shame on you, British Petroleum. I for one will never again purchase gas at one of your stations, and I will make sure that the investments for my IRA do not contain any of your stock. If they do, I'll divest the holdings and go greener. Boycott BP. Please.

I remember back when I was a kid - we were taught that there were 5 "Great Lakes" in North America - but only 4 of them were actually "living". Lake Erie was dead. The fine people of Ohio had dumped so much industrial toxins into it that there were no fish, no plankton, nothing, living in what had once been a great lake. The Cuyohoga river used to catch on fire every summer (spontaneous combustion!). It saddens me greatly that although we've managed to rejuvenate Lake Erie, and the Cuyohoga river is ... well... much less polluted and not prone to conflagrations anymore, the British have managed to destroy the Gulf of Mexico. I suspect it will be "dead" for generations. *sigh*

The weather has gone from chilly to "I wish I had air conditioning" rather quickly. I also wish I had a nice outdoor grill. My old one got destroyed by the aluminum siding guys a few years back and I haven't bothered to replace it yet. Perhaps this year. I got some "greek marinade" chicken breasts from Caputos. I have a feeling they would taste awesome if they were grilled, but since I don't yet have a grill, I'll just broil them in the oven.

224 of 625 Yes, I know - I'm a sloth.


Anonymous Virus said...

what did bp do?

Anonymous Virus said...

They have some pretty cheep grills out there. There are some cute little ones that are only about a foot and a half tall. Though they are only good for about one steak at a time.

Piston said...

Rand is an idiot, but you discredit yourself with the slippery slope argument. It's dumb and reactionary.

And BP needs to be prison raped for what they did the the Gulf.

Sewmouse said...


Yeah, I know the Rand Paul thing is ridiculous, but it is the type of tack that those like Glenn Beck take, and I couldn't resist grabbing a page out of their playbook.

AnonVirus - Have you been asleep for the last 2 months? Darlin', that's not good for your health! I will have to run by the store and see about getting a grill. The short ones are, indeed, cute, but I'm not sure I want to have to bend over to cook on one, and my patio is a bit too small for a picnic table.

Big Chick said...

Erm,BP is actually a joint American/British global operation (with Amoco) and the rig that blew was operated by an American subsidiary to satisfy America's demand for cheap gas.
Just because this disaster has had an impact on America's shores doesn't lessen the enormity of it but there have been bigger ones that are still impacting other (non-American) lives.
"Bhopal" ring any bell? No? That's because an American firm chose to manufacture dangerous carcinogenic chemicals in a poor country that would be grateful for the mighty American dollar. And hang the consequences when it all went wrong.
Karma, anyone?

Sewmouse said...

Big Chick - I don't believe I suggested we boycott ALL of Great Britain - I will go back and look again, but... I'm fair certain I didn't. Nope. Didn't. Simply said to boycott British Petroleum (aka "BP"). Don't get your knickers in a twist, please.

I agree that Transocean and The Evil Empire (Halliburton), should also be boycotted, but since they aren't retail firms, I'm unable to do anything other than divest myself of holding any of their stocks in my portfolio.

How exactly is One corporation doing bad things "Karma" for another corporation doing bad things? You may not realize it, Big Chick, but here in the United States, the government does not own the corporations - in fact it seems to be quite the other way around - and so if some Evil Empire decides to do something Evil in Bhopal, while it is, in fact, Evil, it is not the fault of the people of the United States, Snookiedimples.

DIAF, please. Kthksbye

Big Chick said...

With your words "The British have managed to destroy the Gulf of Mexico", you are the one equating the whole country with the actions of an "Evil" corporation.
So if you re-read your last sentence in the above comment, substituting "Gulf of Mexico" for "Bhopal" and "Britain" for "United States", you might be able to see my point.
(But don't add the "Snookiedimples" - I wouldn't be so patronising.)

Sewmouse said...

When the main voice for BP is Tony Hayward - he of "I want my life back", then the perception of the people hearing his prevariations is that this is the voice of the British.

I'm sure Tony WOULD like to "have his life back". I'm even MORE certain that the 11 people he and his minions murdered on that oil platform by their greed would like their lives back more.

As for Bhopal, I am not significantly well-versed in the specifics of that obvious disaster. Obviously, if corners were cut, or regulations ignored, then those responsible should be convicted of murder, just as I believe Tony Hayward and those responsible from Transocean and Halliburton should be.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid racist thing to say Sewmouse. I thought you were more intelligent than that. Did we Brits assume all Americans were the same as Bush or the Klu Klux Klan?

Sewmouse said...

Racist implies that there would be a difference in race betwixt myself and the individual(s) being disrespected, "Anonymous".

Since you're too chickenshit to identifiy yourself, I feel quite safe in being a bit testy with you.

You see, MOST British individuals are (gasp) WHITE, which is the same "race" to which I belong. So that really is a stupid statement you made, chickenshit anonymous "person".

DIAF - FOAD. *smiles sweetly*