Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tall Skinny Guys and School Busses

Was a little late to work yesterday. Traffic was incredible. Considering I live out in the 'burbs and have no appreciable traffic woes usually if the weather is nice, this was somewhat unusual. However, once I got up to the stoplight in front of the children's rehab center, I found out why.

Traffic in the opposite direction was being funnelled from 3 lanes into 1 lane to bypass a collision. A Nissan Sentra had hit a school bus.

Yes. Rear-ended a school bus.

Now - how the bloody hell do you hit a schoolbus from behind? I mean, REALLY???? They are HUGE. They are BLINDINGLY YELLOW, they have flashy red lights on top.... HOW in the blazes could you possibly run into one?

The Jiffy Lube and one of the Shell (petrol) stations have these balloon skinny floppy guys in front. Some sort of blowing hot-air thing, a long, tall tube with arms and eyes and ribbon hair on top. I am not 100% certain WHY they annoy me so much, but... They really annoy me.

I suspect I am probably the only person who finds them so annoying, however. Everyone else on the planet probably thinks they are cute.



John Good said...

I could see if he was driving a Toyota. . . ;)

Spadoman said...

Yes, my first thought, was it a Toyota?
I was just there during the week. I was in the Burbs too, up North, near Prospect Heights. Traffic was terrible. Took three cycles to get through a light. Yes, it was morning rush hour, but all lanes were open. I remember being a truck driver in Chicago in the early 1970's. Paid by the hour to drive there was great, wanting to get out of town to head for home? Not so good.

Peace to you.