Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Odd things - #2 - office Supplies Edition

Somewhere along the line, it became somewhat akin to pulling teeth to get a real, honest to Goddess "Rubber Stamp" made. I love rubber stamps - the old fashioned kind. SLAM into the ink pad. SLAM onto the paper. VOILA - a lovely image perfectly stamped exactly where you want it. Simple, easy and essentially effortless. Not to mention an excellent means of burning off excess "pissed off" when necessary.

Instead we are now sent "self inking" stampers, where you push down on the box thingy and it rotates as it descends, and allegedly makes a stamp with only ONE motion.


Which would be fine - if in fact the damn thing worked for more than 2 or 3 images, after which point you need to let it "rest" a while so the ink can shoogle back to the spots where the lines/letters are. And far too fragile - I've broken one already. AND, since you have to farking disassemble the whole bloody thing in order to re-ink the pad, (as opposed to just rolling more ink onto it from a roller-ball inking bottle, not unlike liquid deodorant), it is actually considerably LESS efficient than the SLAM SLAM VOILA type.

Now the one I have will not completely return to it's upright and locked position in preparation for takeoff. I am not happy about this.

I am tempted to lock it in the "down" position somehow and get the office supply person to order me an old-fashioned stamp pad and roller-ball inker.

*grouchy grumble*

Edit In:

No sooner do I blog about this stamp from hell, than the bastard breaks in a most spectacular way! I have taken a photo and will upload it tonite when I get home. Damn Stamp!!!


Zac said...

So that is why you were looking through your pictures. And here I thought you wanted to remember the fun time you had in Chicago with LL and yours truly. All I have to say to that is, "HMF."

Spadoman said...

Duct tape?