Thursday, December 03, 2009

Good Morning.. No Sunshine

I don't understand how people who live wayyyyy up north can live in darkness for months at a time. Just the inconvenience of not having the sunshine pouring in my window to help wake me up in the morning for a few months is annoying - the thought of NEVER having the sun get up for months at a time is ghastly.

Mental Note: Do Not Move To Norway.

Not that I have anything against Norwegians - just... I think I'd go berk without sunlight. (Shaddup, Manda, I am NOT already berk)

I am angry at the grocery stores. None of them seem to think it is a good idea to stock mint chocolate chips. However, I have fooled them! One of the stores had mint flavor chips. So I bought a package of those, will add a package of REGULAR chips - and voila! I will have mint-chocolate-chip-oatmeal-cookies to send to favorite daughter.

Take THAT, grocery markets!!!

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Four Dinners said...

When tha lives oop north in Engerland tha gets used't bein in't dark a lot. It's not just 't weather either. It's 't bloody government. They treat us northerners like bloody mushrooms. Keep us in't dark n feed us on bullshit!

Eee by eck. It's reet hard t' type wi a northern accent tha knows....

Zac said...

Can I has a cookie.

Paul said...
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