Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Weekend of Memorial - and Noms.

So this last weekend was Memorial Day weekend. The day we remember stuff. I think it's like remember the troops stuff. Mostly it is about mattress sales and the First Official BBQ of the Year - and now you can wear white shoes for a few months without being technically a dweeb.

This was also "unclog the bathtub drain" weekend. Saturday morning's shower was marred by the fact that by the time I was done, the bath had filled up so far the water was over my ankles. This is NOT GOOD©. So, I went to Ace Hardware, and talked to the Helpful Hardware Man. Actually, he was like the Helpful Hardware Teenage Boy - but still, in the finest tradition of Radio Shack, he did his gosh-darndest to help out the poor, clueless old lady (me) and get her out of the store as fast as possible. In the Ace Hardware, I suspect they want to go back to shining up table saws and testing the Sawzall's. At Radio Shack, (AKA Pocket-Protector World) I'm much more convinced that they want to get back to their D&D game in the back room. Geeks.

Anyhow - so I went to Ace, talked to the kid, and ended up with NO DRAINO. Instead he sold me this small bottle of stuff that you can't even get on your hands without it burning you - that you pour into hot water running into the tub, and then let it work for a while and then flush it out with more hot water and VOILA! No clog.

Or so said the kid.

So I went home and used it. Sunday morning was the Big Test Day - started up the shower and if I hadn't washed my feets, only the BOTTOMS would have gotten wet, because the drain worked THAT WELL!!!. I do not, however, remember the name of the stuff and it's at home and I'm not so I'll edit it in when I know. Or not, if I forget.

So flushed with my success, I made the Chicken/Lime/Cucumber salad that I'd been drooling over in the cookbook. It was ok. I think I will cut down the amount of sourcreme/mayo mixture and increase the amount of ginger. It seemed a bit too "creamy" for my tastes. It has cilantro in it. Steven Colbert says NOBODY wants to eat cilantro. Heh. Fine. More for me.

Had BBQ Monday, now my back is complaining, I'm not sure the 2 are actually related, but it gets everything caught up to current.

Tonight I shall vacuum. Bleh.

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