Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ZERO Tolerance

One of those quirky things about being me is the fact that I have zero tolerance for blatant stupidity, especially when it comes from someone in the Accounting profession.

Even more-so when it comes from someone in the accounting profession whose stupidity is affecting me in a personal way.

An example of this would be the statement of account that I received from my dipshit halfassed criminally stupid condo "management" association. I paid my assessment for this month on the 20th of LAST month - having gotten a tiddle bit ahead and able to make the payment early.

Statement shows the credit amount as the opening balance. This is correct.
Statement shows the amount of the assessment. This is correct.
Statement shows a $25 LATE PAYMENT FEE. Excuse me? WHAT THE FUCK???

Now, anyone can make a mistake. Perhaps the accounting clerk ran a report to show everyone with a Not-Zero balance, and applied the charge to all of them. It is a mistake, it's stupid, but it's just a mistake and can be corrected.


I called up to set this straight - and the FUCKING MORON who took my call tried to ARGUE with me. She tried to say that since there was no payment that month, OF COURSE there was a late fee. WHY THE BLOODY HELL WOULD I PAY MORE WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH TO COVER THIS MONTH? Oh, well... um... have I ever gotten a statement before?

EXCUSE ME TO FUCK AND BEYOND???????????????????????????????????????????????????

What the bloody hell does that have to do with the price of rice in China on Tuesdays in Leap Years? YOU OWE ME, BITCH, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

Well, she's going to have to take it to accounting and see if an error was made...



THERE IS NO "IF" ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, someone will call you back.



It had better be today. I'm NOT happy about this.

Ummm... she'll try.

Blatant stupidity.

Yes, they fixed it. No, I'm still not happy.

117 days still.


Croila said...

"EXCUSE ME TO FUCK AND BEYOND???????????????????????????????????????????????????"

This probably the best, absolutely BEST, expression I have ever read.

Oh how I love it!

Rauf said...

if i have no balance i am drunk, but i don't drink
in my bank yes, i walk straight and ask the clerk to check my balance
the clerk says you have no balance
but i am not drunk, i am standing here.
i mean you have no money.
this is not a joke Sew,at any given time i am broke.

And this is a joke.
i walked in to the bank and i asked the clerk to check my balance.
She pushed me.

When it comes to stupidity, i am the champion Sew.

i'll be doing a post on profanity soon.

Honey said...

lol I'm hoping she sorts it out quick. and lol at the above comment.

Sewmouse said...

I will consider my mouth washed with soap, Rauf. *hangs head*

But I was really, really HORRIBLY angry - the profanity was all in my head, though. I managed to be excruciatingly polite and nauseatingly professional - albeit a bit curt and abrupt.

I didn't honestly cuss at her. Until I had hung up the phone, that is.

Rauf said...

No no, Sew, my post is not going to be unpleasant. You'll like it, i assure you.

Amanda said...

Sounds like my struggle with the VA awhile back. It took multiple calls to stupid gov. workers to make sure we got was was due to us in time for our move. If I recall correctly there was alot of "Oh really, you can't do anything to help me. Do you help anyone ever? I'm done with you then. Who's your boss??"

Excuse me to fuck and beyond indeed.