Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another one of those "Tag" things

Kal, whom I love dearly has seen fit to "tag" me with one of those Tag things. If it were anyone but Kal, I might feel less obligated, but he IS like the son I never had who lives bajillions of miles away in another country where they talk different and wear kilts and stuff, so here goes:

I am: An accountant.

I think: I'm starting to get a handle on how this "life" thing works. Maybe in another 52 years I'll "get" it really well.

I know:
I've forgotten to do something important this morning.

I have: wayyyyyy too much stuff in my breifcase and purse. Time to purge.

I wish: I could eat anything I wanted any time I wanted and not worry about diabetes, cholesterol, fat, salt, calories or vitamins.

I hate:
evangelical hypocrites. "Pro-Life" folks who support the wars, "Christians" who want to do physical violence to those with whom they differ on political issues, etc.

I miss: Leandra, more than you can possibly imagine.

I fear: romantic "relationships"

I hear: Cicadas and crickets at night, birdsong in the morning

I smell: like lavendar today.

I crave: Protein. In cheese, meats, eggy things.

I search: in the most haphazard way. I'm really rather shit at this.

I wonder: what's on the "other side" that Lea's found.

I regret: not having been more assertive in my youth. I spent way too many years being shy and self-deprecating.

I love: Amanda, chocolate, my cats, having friends all over the world, reading, designing and assembling quilts, hot coffee on the way to work, the smell of autumn in the air on a cool August morning, moonlight on freshly fallen snow, apple coffee-cake, sitting quietly in the woods and listening to the birds.

I ache: at night, when my muscles and bones all tell me I'm getting old.

I am not: a Republican.

I believe: that when we get to "the other side", we are ALL going to be in for a hugeongous surprise - that it is nothing like what we think it will be.

I dance: When nobody else is around while I'm cleaning

I sing: in the car when there isn't much traffic around so nobody can accidently see/hear me!

I cry: sometimes for no reason at all.

I fight: with words.

I win: rarely - but it makes it that much sweeter when I do!

I lose: my keys usually twice a week.

I never: watch television.

I always: have a fan running in my room at night to block the noise from the expressway.

I confuse: my boss sometimes.

I listen: pretty well. People have commented thus, over the years.

I can usually be found: at home.

I am scared: that the republicans might win the election and completely destroy the country.

I need: another cup of coffee.

I am happy about: having only one more answer to think up, and that we're down to 117 days!

I imagine: the most amazing things. If only I could string together a plot line, the story would be incredible!

I tag:





117 days


Rauf said...

the only thing that can stop me from doing it is my laziness Sew, thank you. i'llake you smile.

Rauf said...

i'll make you smile i mean.

Honey said...

cool, I like what you love.